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It’s Easy to Say You Want To Do Something But It’s Much Harder to Do It

How often do you think about doing something but do not do it? Maybe it is some creative project, maybe it is something that needs doing around your home, maybe it is reaching out to someone and doing something nice for them? How often you envision something in your mind and actually do it comes to be the definition of your life in the mind’s eye of all of the people Out There. How often you envision something in your mind but do not do is comes to be the definition of all of things you could have been but were not.

Doing is the ultimate pathway of physical life. If you do, you do. If you don’t, you don’t. It is as simple as that.

Some people get motivated and do Some Thing hurtful. As I often speak of, anger is a powerful motivator. But, it is also a very negative one as this is the sourcepoint of so much hurt and damage in the world. Certainly, with the birth of the internet, this gave rise as a vehicle for many to vent their frustration at whatever or whomever. Keyboard Warriors abound. But, is that actually doing anything? It is doing but in this doing nothing positive is done. It is simply one person using their interpersonal dissatisfaction as a motivator to lash out. The person of consciousness never does this, however, as they understand that hurt or damage, based upon personal judgments, leads to nothing more than bad karma coming their own direction.

Doing with a conscious purpose is what True Doing is all about. This is where Good-ness is born.

So, let’s get back to the question, “How often do you think about doing something but do not do it?”

When you envision something and do not actually do it do you truly study why you have not done it? Do you look inside yourself and find the reason why you did not do it?

For many, they will find a long list of excuses of why they can’t or couldn’t do it. For others, they simply write it off as that is just who they are. But, without the doing, nothing is done. Without the doing, you have accomplished nothing and have provided nothing positive or new to the greater whole of the world, life, humanity, and your own creative process.

So, take a moment. Right now, define what it is you would like to do creatively or otherwise. What can you do to do that something that you want to do and/or create? Do it! Set about on a path that will allow you
today to bring that creation into reality.

The fact is, the more you do the more you are motivated to do. The more you actually do the more your mind is trained in the fact that it can be done.

So, what do you want to do? Do it. It will make you feel more whole and complete and it will be the gift of giving your creativity to the world.