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That’s What Kids Do

They have recently opened the new 6th Street Bridge here in L.A. The old 6th Street Bridge became this cinematic backdrop where so many movies, TV shows, and commercials were films that the number is uncountable. I even filmed a few scenes on and around that bridge.
There’s that great scene where Donald G. Jackson’s character, in Super Hero Central, rolls his wheelchair up to the long stairway that leads down from the bridge and he then throws out a rope and lowers himself down. Great scene! Pure Zen Art! Check it out if you feel like it, the movie is up on YouTube.
When I had a loft in the Art’s District back in the ‘80s, one of the off-ramps from that bridge fed right out by my second story window. It all just felt very right.
But, before I get too far off track… They built a new bridge and tore down the old one. This bridge is a major transition point between East L.A. and Downtown. The new bridge is a very nice, pure art, architectural masterpiece.
Okay, but here’s the thing, once they opened it, people went nuts. They were doing street take overs. Cars were racing, performing burn outs, and doing donuts. One guy totaled his Dodge Challenger by smashing into another car and the wall of the bridge. People were climbing the arches. A couple of barbers even set up their chairs in the middle in the bridge and were doing haircuts. Everyone was trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, wherever. It was crazy…
There are two sides to all of this, as there usually are, however. On one side were the people instigating the craziness. On the other side were the people very upset about what these people were doing. And, there were/are a lot of them.
The police had to shut down the bridge a few times and beef up their patrols. The city is going to put up fencing so the climbers will stop climbing the arches and a median will be set up in the middle of the bridge so people will stop doing donuts.
Okay… All this being said… I was watching the news the other morning, and they went up to this older man, walking by with a cup of Starbucks in his hand. Obviously, a resident of the area. They asked him, what he thought about what was going, assuredly expecting him to throw a complaint. Instead, a big smile comes on his face. He said, “That’s what kids do.” Just then, a bicycle posse, who had taken over the bridge a couple of times, start to ride by right behind him. His smile continues, “Right on cue.”
This is the thing about life, there are always two (and new) ways to look at things. You can look at change and hate it. You can look at the rambunctious actions of others and condemn it. Or, you can appreciate it for the art that it is. Yes, people have done all kinds of crazy stuff on the bridge. Some of it was dangerous and destructive. But, it is just like a child with a new toy, they are exploring it and loving the feeling that the new toy is giving to them.
Now, I imagine that you and I would not do anything crazy on a new bridge like what those people are doing. We may like it, we may hate it, we may just see its functionality and use it to get from one place to the next. But, in all that chaos there is also art. You just have to open your eyes and appreciate it. Again, like I always say, you may not like the art of Picasso, but you can’t say that it is not art.
Your life is all about how you interpret your reality. You may not like what someone else is doing, but if you step back from your own patterns of definition, you may come to appreciate a new spectrum of reality.
Think how much better your life would be, with less anger generated inside of yourself, defined by what you don’t like, if you just let go and let people do what they do. If what they are doings does not directly affect you, why do you care anyway?
Give in to new definitions of art and lifestyle and you may come to embrace an entirely new and more enlightened reality. If nothing else, you will be way more relaxed and open to new understandings.