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Negativity is Never the Answer

We obviously are living in a very interesting time in history. There is so much going on and so much is changing every day. Certainly, the pandemic is still ongoing. From that and because of that so many lives were changed on so many levels. …So many people got sick, had their lives turned upside down, and even died. One would think that something like this happening would shock the world society into a grander state of grace where they came to care about one another on a deeper level but this does not seem to be the case. In simply ushered in a new way for people to get over and hurt one another.  
I mean, just one example is, think about all of the people who stopped paying their rent during the pandemic, claiming job insecurity. The government, at least here in the U.S., passed laws where people didn’t have to pay their rent, totally destroying the financial life of the landlords. Sure, there was government money being thrown all directions but that did not change the reality of our times. In fact, it just seemed to provide people with a ticket to steal and to expect to get things for free.
I remember seeing this story on the news a few months ago, this lady was telling her tale about the tenant she rented her guest house to. The pandemic came and he stopped paying rent. Due to the protective laws that were put in place by the city, she could not evict the man. But, there he was, living for free, while he was taking trips to Europe with the money he was saving by not paying rent and posting pictures of his journeys to his Instagram account. This, while the landlady could not pay her mortgage due to the fact she was not receiving rent from this man. Things like that are just not right. But, look around you, it is going on all the time. Are you doing some-thing like that? Are you doing something, just because you can get away with it? Moreover, who is your doing hurting?
This is the thing that I believe most people never consider. This is also the causation factor for much of the pain in the world. People do, while never taking the other person into consideration. They do, without caring. …At least caring for no one but themselves. How about you? Who are you thinking about when you are doing?
If you look at life, this goes to all levels of existence, from the people who just speak negativity about someone or something among themselves onto the grander scale of reality provided by platforms like the internet.
What are you doing and how is what you are doing affecting the grand scheme of life from the one individual out there in never-never-land to the landlord, the business owner, the anybody?
Here’s the fact, if what you are saying or what you are doing is hurtful to anyone, it is hurtful to all as it causes a negative wave to be generated. If you are the point of inception of that wave of negativity, who is to blame but you for all the negativity that is going on around us? If you are creating it, even in part, you are to blame. What responsibly do you hold in the what happens next?
If you are being negative, you know what you are doing is wrong. If you are saying negative things, you know what you are saying is not right. If you are taking hurtful action, like taking what is not yours for free, you know you are stealing. You can lie to yourself all you want but the truth is the truth. And, you know that you know the truth.
Negativity, on any level is never the answer. You know that.

Do you like negativity being focused at you? Of course not. There lies the truth to the equation.
What are you going to do today to undo any negativity you have unleashed? If you do nothing, nothing is done.
What are you going to do today to countermand the negativity unleashed by someone else? If you do nothing, nothing is done.
What are you going to do today that is really positive and will help others and bring happiness to someone or anyone’s life? If you do nothing, nothing is done.
Do something positive today. Watch the reaction.