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Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw:
Thirty Questions
As asked by IndiePop Magazine, Japan (2009)

1. MAC or PC ?

2. Morning or Night Person ?

3. Black or White ?

4. Half Full or Half Empty ?
Fully empty or empty fully.

5. Beer or Champagne ?
Mostly I enjoy Italian or very-good California red wine. Beer: always dark beer if I have a choice. Champagne: Dom Pérignon over Cristal.

6. Favorite Food ?
I pretty much like everything as long as it is well-prepared and tastes good.

7. Favorite Dessert ?
Espresso poured over Gelato.

8. Favorite Place to Hang Out ?
The Original Farmer's Market, Los Angeles
Starbucks, Jinbocho 1-chome, Japan
Starbucks, Harbour City, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Care Coffee, Chiang Mai, Thailand
My various haunts in Shibuya at night.

9. Favorite Restaurant ?
The Kettle, Manhattan Beach
Kate Mantilini, Beverly Hills
Shik Do Rak, Garden Grove
Il Fornaio, San Francisco
Walnut Avenue Cafe, Santa Cruz
Royal/T, Culver City

10. Favorite Night Club ?
They change so often, I really don't have an answer. But, clubs in Tokyo, Bangkok, and Kaula Lumpur continue to hold my interest.

11. Favorite Bar ?
The Escape Room (RIP). You can see it in a few of my films.
Ye Rustic Inn, Hollywood
Good Luck Bar, Hollywood
Hinano, Venice
Baja Cantina, Venice
Circle Bar, Santa Monica
Saint George's Bar, Tokyo
Hard Rock Cafe, Bangkok. God, that's embarrassing. But, it kicks at night.

12. Favorite Bookstore ?
The Bodhi Tree, West Hollywood
Logos, Santa Cruz
The Green Apple, San Francisco
Acres of Books (RIP), Long Beach
Kitazawa Bookstore, Tokyo

13. Favorite City ?
I always seem to be happier in Tokyo.

14. Favorite Hotel ?
Tokyo Hilton International, Shinjuku, Japan. They love me there. The Oriental Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. I've had a lot of interesting experiences at that hotel and have written a few books while I was there. I used to love the Hong Kong Hilton in Central. I stayed there more times than I can remember, but then they moved and it became an office building.

15. Places you want to travel ?
I've already been everywhere.

16. Favorite means of transportation ?
First Class at thirty-five thousand feet.

17. Favorite Indulgence ?
Chao Phraya 2, Bangkok, Thailand.

18. Favorite Book ?
There's two: The Lover by Marguerite Duras and The Quiet American by Graham Greene.

19. Favorite T.V. Show ?
70's Crime Dramas and Cops.

20. Favorite Movie ?
Team America World Police.

21. Favorite Actor ?
There's two: Robert Mitchum and Ben Gazzara.

22. Favorite Music ?
Impossible to answer. I like so many styles.

23. Song that best describes your life ?
Lie To Me by Chris Isaak.

24. Favorite Pastime ?
Doing something creative.

25. Favorite Outdoor Activity ?
Walking on the beach.

26. Favorite Indoor Activity ?
If you've read any of my novels then you know the answer to that question.

27. Turns Ons ?
Women who say, "Yes."

28. Turn Offs ?
L.A. Summers and adolescent minded people who hide behind screen names and write stuff about me on the Internet. Don't assume that you know me and more importantly, get your own life and stop trying to live mine!

29. Personal Realizations ?
Everybody seems to want something from me but no one ever gives me anything.

30. Desires ?
To save the world and make everyone just a little bit happier.