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Scott Shaw Video Tapes


For all of you people out there who want to step back into the Old School and see Scott Shaw and Donald G. Jackson Zen Films as they were meant to be viewed, we are offering VHS copies.

Since the decline of Video Tapes we have been receiving a lot of requests for VHS copies of Zen Films. What we are now offering is one-offs, made to order, VHS copies of the Zen Films of Scott Shaw and Donald G. Jackson. Each VHS will be signed by Scott Shaw making it a true collector’s item.

As these are Custom Order Video Tapes they will arrive in a plain video holder with no artwork.

These Video Tapes are in the NTSC, U.S. format. For you international buyers, make sure you have a video tape deck that can play U.S. format video tapes.

The price is $125.00 per tape plus $10.00 S&H. The tape will be sent via U.S.P.S. Priority Mail in the U.S.

To order, simply click on the Buy Now Button below, pay via PayPal, and let us know which Zen Film you would like to receive in the message section. Give us a week or two, as they are custom created, and it will be on its way.

No returns or refunds or anything like that if you don’t like the movie. You know what you’re getting into. :-)

PS: Please don’t request Lingerie Kickboxer because that just ain’t gonna happen. :-) Also, due to the limitations of time on a VHS tape, we can’t create, The Roller Blade Seven Trilogy.


We’ve also been receiving a lot of requested for personalized DVD copies of the Zen Films of Scott Shaw and Donald G. Jackson. Though they are available on Amazon, if you would like to receive a signed by Scott Shaw DVD in plain packaging we will be happy to hook you up. Just like with the VHS copies, order via the Buy Now Button below, tell us what movie you would like to receive, and we will cook you up a DVD-R copy.

As each one will be a one-off copy, again, they are a true collector’s item.

Same price and the same rules apply: $125.00 plus $10.00 S&H. No returns or refunds and no Lingerie Kickboxer.

Be Positive!