Scott Be Positive

Analyzing the Moments

By Scott Shaw

How much of your life do you actually think about? How much of your life do you actually question? How much of your life, when you find yourself in a specific situation, do you actually analyze why?

If you are like most people, you never think about the reason why. The only time you question anything is when you are truly unhappy or living a life experience that you truly dislike and your are screaming, "Why?"

Most people pass though their lives without ever looking at what is happening, what has happened, or ever searching out the actual reasoning for the why, of what is going on.

It is very simple; everybody wants to feel a certain way. Some people may call this fulfillment, happiness, contentment, or whatever. When they are feeling this way, they never question why. They are just feeling the way they want to feel, and they embrace it.

However, when someone is not feeling the way they want to feel or they are experiencing things that they do not wish to experience, the scream, "Why?" But, whom are they asking this question to? God. Maybe? But, in essence, it does not matter who or what they are asking to provide them with an answer to why they are not feeling what they want to feel. Because all they are focused upon, is the fact that they do not feel the way they want to feel.

"Why," is a revenant question. It is more an expression of discontentment than an actual inquiry. And, the question, "Why," never provides an absolute answer, unless the root of, "Why," is truly explored.

True Exploration are what these few word are about.

Stop right now. Take a look at where you are, at what you are doing; what you are feeling.

It is easy to say, "I am reading something. I am sitting in a chair. It is hot or cold outside. I feel fine."

Again, this is all the nothingness that most people passing from birth to death would declare. But, there is a much deeper life reality than this.

Life, experience, and realization is much more profound that simply the obvious realms of reality that are going on around you. If you want to know the source, you must go to the source. You must seek it out. Perhaps most importantly, it is not that hard to do.

This time, stop, take a look at you. Truly look at this moment. And, what brought you here?

No one can give you a right answer for this. You have to give it to yourself. But, truly dig deep. Look at this moment and all the things that surround this moment. Where you are. Your environment. Your mindset. Your feelings. Your relationships. Your physical and mental reactions to even reading this.

Take a hard look; a look that is not defined by the way you want things to be. Let your evaluation come from a sense of truth. Not from some nondescript logic of why you wish things to be different, or how you wish things to be. Simple see your reality as it is. Then, trace your reality back to its source. How did you get here?

What did you do, that equaled you being here, in this moment; being who you are, where you are, feeling how you feel?

Once you have defined that source reality, trace it back even further. What all encompassing actions and reactions created the being, the person you are?

Now, this is not an exercise to make you feel better or worse about yourself. Because, as you will find, and perhaps already know, feeling better or worse is a temporary thing. What this exercise is designed to do is to take you back to the source. Your source. The source that caused you to be you and you to be living in this moment that you are living.

So stop, right now asking the question, “Why?” Instead, analyzing this moment or any moment in your life and seek out its source.

From this, you will forever find the answer to the question, “Why?”

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