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Max Hell The Frog Warrior
Max Hell The Frog Warrior A Zen Silent Flick
A couple of years ago I went back into the original footage and cut a new version of the film in the tradition of 1920s silent cinema. It was just released.

Here's some of the recently released Zen Films on the
Scott Shaw Zen Filmmaking Channel on YouTube
Interview: The Roller Blade Seven Documentary
For the first time online.

Guns of El Chupacabra in Three Minuted and Thirty Seconds
Here is the Zen Film Guns of El Chupacabra set to the great theme song composed for the film by Kevin Jollimore and performed by Sin City Boys.

Psychotomimetic Tokyo

Seconds in Singapore

Hěnjiǔ Zuòchán

Macau: Catch the Moment

Live Photo Hong Kong

Street Scene Macau

Shenzhen Eye Hospital

The Rollergator Dance on Rollergames

Here's a fun presentation. It probably cost more to produce this production than the entire Zen Film, Rollergator. :-)

For you true fans of Scott Shaw Zen Cinema we've put up two interesting pieces in the puzzle of Zen Filmmaking for you, screenplays for two of Scott Shaw's early films:
Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell
Samurai Johnny Frankensten
Also, if you want to dig a bit deeper into the Zen Filmmaking legacy, here's the script (and the history of) Scott wrote for Joe Estevez's character, Rocket Ranger Dan Danger, for Zen Film,
Guns of El Chupacabra.


Principles of the Precepts
Principles of the Precepts: Further Zen Ramblings from the Internet

Obscurist Occulto: Hiding from the Definition of Meaning

Coffee House Zen
Coffee House Zen

Particle Zen and the Life Science of Becoming No Thing

Fragments Unfinished
Fragments: Unfinished Writings

DGJ Cover
Donald G. Jackson: Soldier of Cinema

Ambiet Echo
Zen and the Ambient Echo: The Psychological Philosophy of Being

Screening of the Scription
Screening of the Scription

A new hardcover edition of Scott Shaw's
ZenÓra A lét ideje has just been published in Hungary by Lunarimpex Publications.

Deep Time
Deep Time the CD
Deep Time on iTunes

Caverns the CD
Caverns on iTunes

Śākyamuni the CD
kyamuni on iTunes

The Sound Between the Silence
The Sound in Between the Silence the CD
The Sound in Between the Silence on iTunes

Adumbrate the CD
Adumbrate on iTunes

Butterfly Shadows
Butterfly Shadows the CD
Butterfly Shadows on iTunes

Behind the Crimson Veil
Behind the Crimson Veil the CD
Behind the Crimson Veil on iTunes

Dark Theatre
Dark Theatre the CD
Dark Theatre on iTunes


Pick up your Zen Film or Zen Filmmaking Tee Shirt from
The Zen Filmmaking Store @ Fine Art America.

Scott Shaw tee shirt
Hollywood Isn't The Same Without Scott Shaw tee shirt.
Click on the link to pick up yours.
FYI: We have no business relationship with this company.
They recently started offering a bunch of other stuff with this logo on it as well like phone covers, aprons, baby clothing, dog sweaters, and mugs.
I guess I should be honored but ???

Scott Shaw
Here I am wearing one of the Hollywood Isn't the Same Without Scott Shaw tee shirts. I had to pay for it.
Don't you think they should have given it to me for free? :-)

I Survived Roller Gator
Somebody has made a fun patch that is offered for sale: I Survived Roller Gator.
We have nothing to do with this person or company and don't know who they are but we thought we would show them some love for being so creative.
Click on the title to pick up yours.