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As Amazon is discontinuing its distribution of Independent Films on DVD on 4 June 2021 to focus on their On-Demand Streaming division we are slowly moving our film catalogue to a new distributor for those of you who still wish to own a physical copy of one of our movies. As you can imagine, due to the fact that we have produced a large number of films, this is a time consuming process. Click on the links above to see what films are currently available. If you wish to pick up a specific title that is not yet available ASAP and don’t want to wait the four weeks or more that it is now taking Amazon to get a DVD to you, let us know which film you want and we will try to expedite the process for that title and let you know when you can pick it up. Also, we are going to let some of the more obscure, less in-demand titles, fade from formal distribution. Just keep that in mind if you were contemplating picking-up
a copy of one of the more esoteric Zen Film. Thanks! #bepositive

Max Hell The Frog Warrior
Max Hell The Frog Warrior A Zen Silent Flick
A couple of years ago I went back into the original footage and cut a new version of the film in the tradition of 1920s silent cinema. It's recently been released.

Here's some of the recently released Zen Films on the Scott Shaw Zen Filmmaking Channel on YouTube

Here is the Zen Film Guns of El Chupacabra set to the great theme song composed for the film by Kevin Jollimore and performed by Sin City Boys.

Psychotomimetic Tokyo

Live Photo Hong Kong

Street Scene Macau


Essence The Zen of Everything
A New Hardcover Edition of Essence: The Zen of Everything has just been released.
For you fans of
The Roller Blade Seven this is the book that gave birth to much of the dialogue in the film.

Left Turn at Reality Central
Left Turn at Reality Central: Further Zen Ramblings from the Internet

Principles of the Precepts
Principles of the Precepts: Further Zen Ramblings from the Internet

Obscurist Occulto: Hiding from the Definition of Meaning

Coffee House Zen
Coffee House Zen

A New Hardcover Edition of Scott Shaw's
ZenÓra A lét ideje has just been published in Hungary by Lunarimpex Publications.

Distant Darkness
Distant Darkness on Amazon
Distant Darkness on iTunes
Distant Darkness on Spotify

Venom on Amazon
Venom on iTunes
Venom on Spotify

Ghost Float
Ghost Float on Amazon
Ghost Float on iTunes
Ghost Float on Spotify

Ingress of Dissimulation
Ingress of Dissimulation on Amazon
Ingress of Dissimulation on iTunes
Ingress of Dissimulation on Spotify

Deep Time
Deep Time on Amazon
Deep Time on iTunes
Deep Time on Spotify

Pictures of Shadows
Pictures of Shadows on Amazon
Pictures of Shadows on iTunes
Pictures of Shadows on Spotify


Pick up your Zen Film or Zen Filmmaking Tee Shirt from
The Zen Filmmaking Store @ Fine Art America.

Scott Shaw tee shirt
Hollywood Isn't The Same Without Scott Shaw tee shirt.
Click on the link to pick up yours.
FYI: We have no business relationship with this company.
They recently started offering a bunch of other stuff with this logo on it as well like phone covers, aprons, baby clothing, dog sweaters, and mugs.
I guess I should be honored but ???

Scott Shaw
Here I am wearing one of the Hollywood Isn't the Same Without Scott Shaw tee shirts. I had to pay for it.
Don't you think they should have given it to me for free? :-)