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Scott Shaw News
Scott Shaw News

Recently Released:
The Zen of Volume Destiny
The Zen of Volume Destiny

Zen and Notes for Nohting
Zen and Notes for Nothing

New Edition:
Il Feluire Del Ki
Published by Edizioni Il Punto D'Incontro. A New Edition of Scott Shaw Il Feluire Del Ki has just been released in Italy.

Pranayama Portugese
A new Edition of Pranayama: A Respiracao Para Revitalizacao Energetica, Published by NOVA ERA; Medicina e Saœde Editions in Portuguese has just been released here in the U.S.
Pranayama: A Respiracao Para Revitalizacao Energetica

Niết Bàn
Niết Bàn (Nirvana in a Nutshell) in Vietnamese.
There is a new reading of Scott Shaw's Nirvana in a Nutshell presented in Vietnamese on YouTube.
The book is presented in fourteen separate elements.


Scott Shaw Radio Scott Shaw Radio Spotify
Spotify has just created the Scott Shaw Radio page featuring music created by Scott Shaw and music from other like-minded composers.

Recently Released:
Alchemist on Bandcamp
Alchemist on Apple Music

Panic Trance
Panic Trance on Spotify
Panic Trance on Bandcamp
Panic Trance on Apple Music

Temple on Spotify
Temple on Bandcamp
Temple on Apple Music

Asynchronous on Spotify
Asynchronous on Bandcamp
Asynchronous on Apple Music

Dark Triad
Dark Triad on Spotify
Dark Triad on Bandcamp
Dark Triad on Apple Music

Various Conditions of Color
Various Conditions of Color on Spotify
Various Conditions of Color on Bandcamp
Various Conditions of Color on Apple Music

Karmamudrā on Spotify
Karmamudrā on Bandcamp
Karmamudrā on Apple Music

Dark Age Digital
Dark Age Digital on Spotify
Dark Age Digital on Bandcamp
Dark Age Digital on Apple Music

Algorithm on Spotify
Algorithm on Bancamp
Algorithm on Apple Music


Check it out: A lot is going on at the Scott Shaw Zen Filmmaking YouTube Channel

Recently Released on YouTube:
Hawk Warrior of the Wheelzone
Hawk: Warrior of the Wheelzone on YouTube

Max Hell 1st Cut Poster
Max Hell Frog Warrior: The Zen First Cut on YouTube
Take a look at the never before released First Cut of the Zen Film that became the Cult Film Classic, Max Hell Frog Warrior.

The Lite Series:
Family Friendly Zen Films from the Archives:
Witchs Brew Lite
Witch's Brew Lite on YouTube
This is the Re-Cut YouTube/Viewer friendly version of the Scott Shaw, Donald G. Jackson Zen Film Witch's Brew.

Rock n Roll Cops Lite
Rock n' Roll Cops Lite on YouTube
All the Action None of the Nudity.
You can also still find this Zen Film on Amazon Prime Video, Rock n' Roll Cops Lite

RB7 Lite Poster
Roller Blade Seven Lite on YouTube
All the Art None of the Nudity.

Some of the Recent Zen Films:
Woman in the Reflective Glass
Woman in the Reflective Glass

Rindende Vand 8
Rindende Vand 8

Live Foto København
Live Foto København


Bangkok Backwards
Bangkok Backwards in Black & White

Hypnosis Bangkok
Hypnosis Bangkok

Live Photo Bangkok
Live Photo Bangkok

Reversal Therapy
Reversal Therapy

RB7 Puzzle
Did you ever want to put together a Jigsaw Puzzle of the Roller Blade Seven?
If you did, Pixels is now offering puzzles and other items from the Roller Blade Seven and other Scott Shaw Zen Films.

Hollywood Scott Shaw
The company that does the
Hollywood Isn't the Same Without Scott Shaw Tee Shirt has released several other products where you can place this logo.
FYI: We have no business relationship with this company. They did this all on their own. :-)