Yin Yang Insane A Zen Film

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Yin Yang Insane
One Man on a One Way Road Towards Insanity.
A Donald G. Jackson - Scott Shaw Zen Film
 Starring Robert Z’Dar with a Special Appearance by Donald G. Jackson

Yin Yang Insane is a Zen Film concept that was conceived by Donald G. Jackson and Scott Shaw. In the tradition of
Cinéma Pur, this film follows a man on a long drive as he progresses towards insanity where he ultimately encounters his alter ego.
This movie was initially filmed in 1996 but was not edited at the time of its creation. It sat in the can for a few years before Scott Shaw incorporate some of the footage from the film into the Zen Film which eventually became,
Armageddon Blvd.
After the passing of
Donald G. Jackson in 2003, Shaw realizing that a large section of the filmed footage had not been used, edited the full length and intended version of the film in 2007. He titled it, Yin Yang Insane.



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Yin Yang Insane
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