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Donald G. Jackson
Donald G. Jackson
24 April 1943 — 20 October 2003
Maverick Filmmaker

Above is a photo of Donald G. Jackson that I took on his 60th Birthday, (his last birthday), at a location where many of the Republic Serials of the 1930's, 1940's, and 1950's were filmed.

Donald G. Jackson was diagnosed with leukemia in 1995. The doctors told him he had anywhere from six month to six years to live. He beat the odds, however, and lived, while continuing to make films, for the next eight years.

Approximately three months before Don's passing he asked me to take him to the U.C.L.A. Medical Center—he was in terrible pain. For the next two months U.C.L.A. did a great job of taking care of him. He was allowed to return home for a short period of time, but the almost daily trips to the hospitable, to check on the condition of his blood, really took their toll on him. I drove him back to the hospitable and he was readmitted and passed away approximately two weeks later, at 3:00 PM on 20 October 2003. He is survived by his wife Janet and his daughter Marty.

Certainly, Don will be remembered as an inspiration to the independent filmmaking community. He was a filmmaker right up to the end. While he was in the hospitable I would film him as he would give updates on his condition, reflect on his realizations about life, and discuss his understanding of filmmaking. 

Prior to his passing, Don assigned All Rights, Title, and Interest to all of his films to me. He also gave me all of his years of film footage—footage that he shot individually and footage that we shot as a team. These actions were taken in order to make sure that his filmmaking legacy would not be lost. 

Through the years we worked together, Don and I had shot many films that were only partially completed and/or where never edited. Since his passing, I have continued to complete these movies in order that his filmmaking legacy may live on.

Trash Times, an Indie-Cult film magazine based in France, did an interview with Don just before his passing. Don felt this was the best and most complete interviews he had ever given. This interview was originally only published in French. Click on the title to read the English language version:
Donald G. Jackson: The Final Interview.

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DGJ Cover
Donald G. Jackson: Soldier of Cinema
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Donald G.Jackson Scott Shaw

Donald G. Jackson Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw Conrad Brooks Donald G. Jackson

Jonathan Quade Donald G. Jackson

Donald G.Jackson


Don Jackson doing a cameo in the Fred Olen Ray film, Biohazard

Don Jackson out in front of the building that housed our production offices and stages for The Roller Blade Seven.

Here is Don Jackson with Jim Cameron when Don was filming parts of the film, Terminator:

Donald G. Jackson Jim Caeron

Donald G. Jackson Jim Caeron

Donald G. Jackson on the set of his first feature film, Demon Lover:

Donald G. Jackson
This is a Promo Shot of Donald G. Jackson for Demon Lover.

Donald G. Jackson
Don directing Demon Lover.

Semon Lover Diary Donald G. Jackson
Don eating during Demon Lover.

Gunnar Hansen Donald G. Jackson
Don on the Demon Lover set with Gunnar Hansen AKA the original Leatherface.

Here are four photographs of a young Donald G. Jackson:



Donald G. Jackson


Don on the set of I Like to Hurt People:
Photos courtesy of Bryan Greenberg.

DGJ-Bryan Greenberg-Garrett Brown-1975
From left to right: Bryan Greenberg, Donald G. Jackson, Garrett Brown in 1975

Donald G. Jackson and Andre the Giant
Donald G. Jackson with André the Giant

Donald G. Jackson and The Brain
Don with Eddie "The Brain" Creatchman

Donald G. Jackson
Don with Dick the Bruiser

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