Angel Blade A Zen Film

Angel Blade
A Scott Shaw - Donald G. Jackson Zen Film

Written, Produced, and Directed by Donald G. Jackson and Scott Shaw.

Traveling across the galaxy a new breed of cosmic warrior arrives in the city of Lost Angels to battle demons sent from the underworld.

ANGEL BLADE is a wild-ride, comic book action-adventure through the mean streets of near future Los Angeles.

Angel Blade
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The dark forces of the universe have conspired to take control over the violent inner city youth of Los Angeles. Pharaoh, The Dominator, an ancient Egyptian day-walking vampire is resurrected from his tomb and travels to the blistering mean streets of South Central Los Angeles. Upon arrival he descends upon the most violent street gang in the city and begins to take control. Once these uncastigated adolescents are fully under his command they can be unleashed on the unsuspecting population of the Earth and human slavery will ensue. Enter the Blade Sisters.

The Blade Sisters: Ebony, Ecstasy, and Raven are three young and beautiful African-American, Samurai Sword carrying, saviors of society. They have been trained in the ancient techniques of sword warfare and the martial arts by the famed ethereal master Onyx. They know their mission, they must battle their way through the minions of Pharaoh and overpower the dark forces to send him back to his foreboding tomb — no easy task as he possesses the strength of a thousand men and can hypnotize any mortal with a single glance into their eyes.

Blade Sisters rock their way through a gangsta’ rap world with the cunning skills of flashing Samurai Sword mastery. Their excellence with the sword is only surpassed by their beauty. Stand back Pharaoh, the Blade Sisters have come to kick your ass.


Angel Blade: A Post-Apocalyptic Battle Between Good and Evil

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