Scott Be Positive

Being Whole Onto Yourself

By Scott Shaw

Who are you? What are you? When somebody asks, “What do you do,” what do you say? When somebody asks, “What do you believe in,” how do you answer? When you answer questions about yourself, are all of your words spoken in truth? 

At the heart of all human accomplishment and progress is the individual being
whole onto themselves. We each live our lives defined by an array of things that made us who we are. Where we were born, with whom and how we grew up, our culture, and the religion we were taught, all define us without our choice or preference. As we become adults we then begin to define our own lives. Though we will forever be harnessed by what we learned and experienced early in our lives, as an adult, within certain parameters, we get to choose who we become.

As we become, we are also defined by many factors beyond our control. The most prominent of factors are those who are born into this world with physical or psychiatric abnormalities for these are nearly impossible to overcome. At best, they can well managed. Psychological abnormalities are additional very detrimental to the individual’s, “Becoming,” in life as these factors often hinder a person’s progression towards reaching their higher goals.  The final factor that is truly defining in a person’s life is their personal financial makeup. For from this, each individual is allowed to define the steps they take towards becoming who they wish to be. 

From the moment we enter this world we are tasked with, “Becoming.” The desire for who we are to become/who we wish to become is defined by an untold number of factors in each individual. From this, the personality of the person is given birth to. This personality is then what set the standards and the possibilities for all of your life into motion. 

How does your personality affect you? How does your personality affect others? Has your personality helped you in achieved what you hoped to become or did it hinder you?  This is the first place you must look when you set out in life, desirous of becoming something. It is also the first place you must look when you reach a point in your life and realize you are not what you hoped to become.  

At the root of all problems with, “Becoming,” is that the person is not honest with themselves or with the world around them. Each person has the ability to be whole and perfect onto themselves wherever they find themselves in life. But, few choose to embrace this mindset. Most, wish to be
more than they are and if they are not more they make the choice to lie about who they truly are in the hopes to look like more even though they are not more. From this, the entire world of deceit is given birth to. Lying never equals the truth. 

If you can be whole and perfect onto yourself and be honest about where you are in life, not only to others but to yourself, then you exist in a space of peace and internal happiness. You are not creating dissatisfaction within your own inner being for not being, “Something else,” or “Something more,” and you are not lying to others about
you, creating a world filled with a lack of trust due to lies constantly being spoken.

“Becoming,” is you based upon a desire you have to be something. What if you let go of that desire? Then, you would no longer be dissatisfied with your life, you would have no need to lie about who and what you are, and mostly you would be free.

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