Scott Be Positive

Can I Be More?

By Scott Shaw

At the heart of all advancing human consciousness is the desire for the individual, (for you), to become more. Advancing human consciousness is set in motion by the individual. Though random things happen throughout all of our lives that make us think and rethink our existence and how we interact with life, it is only when we consciously choose to change, choose to become better, choose to become mentally and spiritually more, that we actually move our personal understanding of human consciousness to a higher realm of spiritual insight. 

It is essential to note that the of fact of life is, most people do not care about progressing their understanding of consciousness. This is commonly the case if an individual is content with where they are in their life. For example they might state, I am going to school, I have a good job, a good girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband, I love my kids, I live in a nice house, and so on. As they are content and their basic needs are being met, why should they ponder their inner-workings and attempted to become a more complete individual?

The other side of the issue and another reason why many people never attempt to consciously alter their life course is that they are angry at the world. I hate my life! I had a horrible childhood, I have a crappy job, my life is not turning out the way I thought it would, everybody has more money and they live a better life than me, my wife left me and took all my money, I caught my husband cheating, I got caught and arrested for committing that crime, I can’t find a girlfriend or a boyfriend, and the list goes on but you get the point. Here, in this state of mind, the individual is too internally angry at their own life to have the wherewithal to step outside of themselves long enough to actually take a long hard look at where they are in life, why they are there, and then consciously decide what they can do about it.

There is one final category of a person who does not care to refocus their life and climb the ladder of rising consciousness. That is the person who is lost someone in the middle of the two previous extremes. Their life is okay; not bad, not good, but not so horrible that they are forced to make a change. Thus, they progress through their existence and just do the chores of day-to-day life with little or no thought. 

Here, it must be stated that none of the previously mentioned categories of individual existence are bad in and of themselves. They are simply examples of the way many people interact with life. But, what is born from existing on this level of unrefined human consciousness is that negativity spreads from the individual onto the rest of the world causing ongoing chaos, unhappiness, anger, and destruction. For, from an unfocused, uncaring mindset, people do bad things to other people, other life creatures, to the world, and the universe on the whole. As they are only focused and thinking about themselves they do not care and are, in fact, commonly completely unaware of any damage they instigate. 

As I often speak about, your words — what you say about yourself and what you say about other people does more to describe your inner being and your interpersonal thought process than virtually anything else. What do you say about yourself? Is it braggadocios or it is humble? What do you say about other people? Is it positive or is it negative? If it is positive, then positive emotions and reactions are set into motion. If it is negative, then further negative emotions and reactions are set into motion. Thus, what you say sets an entire course of world-reactions into motion. 

Some people gain power in this. They somehow feel that by spewing out all kinds of judgmental negativity that they are shaping the minds of others about whatever they are speaking about. For a specific moment, at a specific point in time, that may be true and it may make them feel empowered. But, all negativity does is to set further life-negativity into motion.  This is why those who exist on this plane of consciousness are the first to balk once negativity is focused on them which will inevitability happen as whatever you choose to release from yourself travels to the world around you and attracts the type and the style of person that is draw to those who propagate that level of energy.

This is the same with those who are focused upon presenting positive thoughts, ideas, and actions. From them arise a calming and directed energy that is allow to spread out and beyond themselves. As such, those who seek these positive thoughts are drawing to them, making their life ultimately better as they are presenting a nurturing force to all those they encounter. 

Life, and the choice to be more, happens internally. Though it may be projected from the inside out, where it takes shape and form, it arises from within the individual, (within you).

Many people claim to be something they are not. Many people project a specific mind-ideology to the people they meet but it is false. The problem with people who live on this plane of existence is that by the time a person has gotten to know them well enough to realize that they are a fake, that they are not truly who they claim to be, time and life-experience has gone by. As a person was lured into a relationship with a specific individual by the person being wily enough to be able to preset a false persona, then so much negativity has been set into motion by their deceit that it may never be overcome. It is for this reason that whenever you meet a person who makes claims about being a This or a That listen closely to their words, look at where their life is, how they are living — for where they are in life in terms of their age and their means can truly detail if a person is who they claim to be. 

Look, See, Listen, Know.

Here lies the introductory step for those who desire to become more and raise their consciousness to a level where (you) personally become a better person and you aid in the evolution of world consciousness. First, you must decide that you want to leave behind the trappings of all the things that held you back from being a person who desires to focus their life on raising human consciousness. You must choose to become better and become more. Then, you must forgo any ego that comes with this mindset. Never claim, “I am.” Simply be, then you are. Next, shed all of those in your life who hold you to any negative thought process that you no longer wish to possess and truly peer into those who claim to speak of positivity before you allow them into your life. Finally, choose to be your own barometer, choose to be your own judge and jury. Consciously see who you are and then take note of what you are thinking, what you are saying, how you are behaving, and what impact what you do has on those, (and the world), around you. If you are thinking good thoughts, saying good words, doing good things, focusing your mind on betterment, not negativity, then you will begin to observe the results of rising human consciousness.

Ultimately, deciding to become more is not an ego based exercise. It is you understanding that there is a better state of life-consciousness, a better way of life-interaction, and then you begin to strip away the negative layers of yourself revealing a better you which makes all people you interact with better and this whole world-place just a little bit more peaceful.

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