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You’re Asking All the Wrong Questions

If I can start this little soliloquy by taking it into the realms of the personal…
The reason I rarely ever do interviews anymore is that the people who are interviewing me always seem to ask me the wrong questions. I really hate to say, “You’re asking the wrong question,” or, “Next question.”
I don’t know??? Is what’s happening based upon the fact that they don’t get it, they don’t get me, they don’t do their homework, or that they just want to ask the same question that I’ve answered a million times before? Whatever the case, it just sends me to questioning, “Why bother?”
Then, there are the times when people ask other people about me or my films or my writing or my art or my martial arts or my whatever. First of all, why ask anybody about anybody else? What true knowledge do you hope to find?  I mean, I hear the questions, I hear the answers, and inevitably it is all just wrong. Wrong question asked of the wrong person who gives the wrong answer.
Now, I’m not even going to go into the whole all and the everything about people that speak about me (and others) out into the realms of the inter-web. In many cases, I can’t even figure out what they are basing their whatever upon, as they are so wrong. Even if they have read my writings, watched my films, listened to my music, viewed my art, spoken to somebody who knew me sometime, way back when, all they do is to blast their own prejudices upon my life, my life philosophy, and my life vision. Even when they quote me, they quote me out of context. So, why even bother? Why bother talking about me at all? Moreover, and more importantly, why should I bother talking to them?
Very few people come at any of this from a refined and selfless perspective.
Now, let’s move this away from me and onto you.
What do you want to know about someone/anyone else and why? How free are you to hearing what they actually have to say, especially if you have already made up your mind about that individual in either a positive or a negative manner?
What question would you ask of that person and why? What do you want to know about what they do, how they do it, and why they do it? Moreover, are you truly interested in what they have to say or are you simply looking to cement what your mind has already concluded about them?
What questions would you ask me?
Here’s the thing, as long as you look outside of yourself, attempting to know what someone else knows, you will lose all of your own All-ness. You are seeking to know what they know to know what they know. But, how can you know anything about them on any true or pure level because you have not lived what they have lived, you have not experienced what they have experienced?
With this understanding as a basis, why do you need to ask any-one any-thing? Why do you need to think or to speak about anyone else? Why do you need to appear to be some sort of an expert on anyone else? Because if your focus is elsewhere, all you are doing is hiding from your true self and who you truly are.

If you want to peer into the life of anyone, why don’t you peer into your own life? Why don’t you spill and reveal your own hidden truths out to the world?