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The Greater Good

Each day when I wake up, I ask myself the question, “What am I going to do today for the greater good?” What question do you ask yourself when you wake up? Do you question anything at all?
The fact is, most people do not think about doing anything for the Greater Good. They just think about what they think about. They give very little though to planning to help the Great All as their thoughts are so commonly focused only their Self. How about you?
There are some, however, who have set their entire life on a course of doing that Something to help the Greater Good. Teachers, doctors, nurses, paramedics, firemen, these are all professions that are entirely focused around doing for the Greater Good. But, few people focus their life upon truly giving, however.
If people question the question of themselves, “What am I doing for anyone but me?” Many will come up with delusionary answers. “Well, my job has me making something that people can use.” “I make a donation to that whatever every once in a while.” “I give the unhoused person on the street corner some change whenever I can.” “I’m an artist or an actor or a musician or a comedian, I make people happy with what I create.”  All this and that kind of Mind Junk is simply excuses for living a life focused on the Self, while desiring to get a payroll check and perhaps even gain some recognition. Though people may live and use what you make. And sure, what you do is a necessary product in the worker bee essence of life. And yes, some people may even like what you create. But, does any of that truly aid to the enhanced evolution of the betterment of life?
Here is the question that you must ask yourself every day, “Is what I am doing actually doing something for someone else, while not doing anything for me?” Your answer to that question is the essence of giving to the Great Good.
Now that you know this, what are you going to do today for the greater good?