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Speaking About the Past AND No One Wants to See an Old Person Dance

Recently, in my feeds, I have been getting a lot of new footage of old punk rockers doing their music. There’s been X, Jello Biafra, Lee Ving, Alice Bag, and the like. …Just to name a few…
Now, let me step back a bit. Back in the day, in the long ago and the far-far away, these people created some revolutionary music. In retrospect, I was/I am so happy to have been homebased in L.A., at that period of history, where many of the first wave of punk rock bands arose. I was able to be there at the beginning.  The amount of slam dancing, (now moshing), I did to those bands was crazy. But they, and me, we were young then. That was a long-long-long time ago.
Now, these people are all in later sixties or seventies…
I think back to when people like the Rolling Stones begin to get old, yet they kept playing their music. It was kind of strange right? Rock n’ Roll was a young person’s game. But, there they (and others) were. They have kept rockin’ even to this day. Some of the people of that era are now in their eighties and they still play their music live.
In the feeds I’ve been seeing, it’s hard not to be highly aware of the fact that, as these people are preforming, they are so old. I mean, at least for me, that’s the first thing that catches my eye. Sure, they are playing their greatest hits from a million years ago, and the songs are as great now as they were then, but the person singing them is not the same.
I’ll be kind, and not name names, but in one case, one of the singers was dancing all crazy. They are sixty-five years old. Like I have said for eons, “No one wants to see an old person dance.”
I get it, me too… I used to love to dance. My friends and I would go out and dance the night away. Trip the light fantastic. L.A. Tokyo, Taipei, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, it was GREAT! But, I don’t want to, (I haven’t), forced people to watch me dance forever. Do I still have the moves? Sure. But, no one wants to see them. No one… Especially if I am invading a young person’s turf.
And sure, probably like the people I am speaking about, I too feel so young. But, these people are grey haired and flashing backs decades to a time long gone past.
In the overallness of the overall, good for them! I’m glad and happy that they can still live their bliss. But, it’s like, a blues player can play the blues forever. You think nothing of it. A country musician can do country music forever. But, dancing wild and crazy, yeah maybe you can still physically do it, but no one wants to see it. Right?
Anyway… Live your bliss. If you were a one-time star, hold onto it as long as you can. If you created some great music, (or anything else), I am so glad that you can still present it to the world. But remember, no one wants to see an old person dance.