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Reverse Reincarnation

Every religion has a promise for its adherents. If you are good during your life, you will go to some place of supreme grandeur when you die.  If, on the other hand, you are bad, you will go someplace very-very bad.
For the Christians, they are promised heaven if they live a good life. If they are bad, and do wicked, immoral, or hurtful things, they will go to hell. For the Hindu and the Buddhist, if they are good, they are promised that they will live a better life in their next incarnation. If they are bad, their next life will be harder and overall less than what they currently have lived.
Of course, some would argue that all of this is promises made to keep people in line and keep them from doing negative things during their lifetime. Okay… Is that so wrong? It seems that most people need something to keep them in line, give them a reason not to do bad things while striving to do something good.
But, all of this is not really the point. Think about this, if a person is good at one level, shouldn’t they be tested with more difficult obstacles at the next level?  If they have a lived a good life, with all of the trials and tribulations they were presented with during one of their incarnations, shouldn’t their tests be harder in their next life?
I’m not a gamer, but I believe that as one progresses through each level of a specific game, the levels get harder and harder until at the final stage it becomes very difficult. From this, the player, as they become more proficient at the game, works to become better and better. Shouldn’t that be how the pattern of reincarnation should be, as well? If you can be good a one level, shouldn’t you be tested with more difficult obstacles at the next?
Everyone hopes to find that place of perfect existence. Religion promises that final destination of splendor if you can remain good. And yes, this gives each person something to work towards. A reason to be nice and good and honest and giving and caring and helpful and generous and all of that kind of stuff. But, what is the ultimate level of good? Isn’t it to remain existing in that, “Goodness,” even when times are very bad? If you are not tested, how do you know you can pass the test?