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Phone Number to God

“Just because you can’t see god that doesn’t mean that he is not there.”
There’s a few parks around the area where I live. Every now and then, in the afternoon, I’ll take a walk to and around one of them. They each are very different, and they each offer a new and distinctive walking experience. You gotta keep moving and all that.
At one of the parks I walk to, just as I entered it, I noticed that phrase written into the sidewalk with crayon. It was actually done pretty well, using a few different color crayons, even though it obviously wasn’t done by a professional calligraphist or anything like that. Just below it, was the statement, “If you have any questions or you need an answer call…” A phone number was written down.
I thought it was kinda funny that (I Guess) the powers-that-be at the park had left the statement(s) but scribble out the phone number also with chalk. They didn’t want anyone getting any free publicity for their organization, or whatever it is, on the sidewalk of their park. Or maybe they didn’t want anyone having the phone number to god?
But, more to the overall of this… You know, there are all of these people out there and all of these believers that believe that their person or their origination, or their church, or their whatever has the answers. That they are the ones who know something that others so not. That they are the ones with something to give. Some think they are the ONLY ones with these answers.
But, have you ever traced these people? Have you ever followed the followers over time? If you have, you quickly come to see that anyone or anything who is offering such a service is never the one who should be.
What’s the moral of the story? I guess it is, if you are trying to attract followers by seeking them with crayon written statements on the sidewalk of a park, maybe you should try something else because your phone number will more likely than not be crossed out? And, that’s probably a good thing.