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Turn it Around

Each of us, as we pass through life, will encounter times when we encounter sadness, depression, heartbreak, hurt, or even anger. In those times, the focus most often turns to Self. A focus on the Self seems to be the primary position. “I am feeling…” is the common thought or the collective expression.  From this, one is turned only inwards. They are only thinking about what they feel and why.
Though this is the common pattern of behavior when one encounters this mindset, is it the most beneficial? Is it the best method of coping? Not necessary.
When one is turned solely inward, in a non-positive manner, all that occurs is that the overwhelming thought of that emotion is churned and regurgitated over-and-over-and-over again in the mind. From this, there is no moving out or moving forward. There is only the trance of thought brought on by whatever instigated that feeling. From this, no forward movement—no getting better is encountered.
Here's an idea… And, this is an idea that you should keep in the back of your mind for if and when you ever encounter one of these overwhelming emotional conditions. Instead of becoming lost in thinking about yourself, and what you are mentally experiencing, catch yourself, STOP, and get out there and do something for someone else.  Whatever it is, and it can be anything, get out there and do something good and positive and caring and helpful.
What will occur from this? First of all, you will break your pattern of Self and Self Only Thought. You will shake up the feeling. By getting out, and the getting OUT, (Outside), is absolutely necessary, you will encounter other people, you will interact with other living beings, and most hopefully you will do something that will contribute to the life or lives of that someone else.
Shake up the pattern of only thinking about YOU and what YOU are feeling. Go and do something good and helpful. From this, who knows what positive life experience you will give to that someone else. Who knows what positive life experience you will encounter. What will occur for sure, is that you will break free from the bind of that painful thought pattern you are holding onto. And, you just may make not only your life, but someone else’s life just a little bit better.