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If You Observe How Things Are Set in Motion You Can Truly Trace How Everything Occurs

If you observe how things are set in motion, you can truly trace how everything occurs.
In life, one thing always leads to another. The choice that is made at one moment sets the next set of circumstances and choices into motion.
What you choose to do or what someone else chooses for you causes you to act or react in a specific manner. From this, the next definition of your life is given birth to.
People generally only look outside of themselves, where they place the blame, if something in their life did not turn out the way they had hoped. They made a choice to do something with someone, and if that something does not turn out the way they desired, then they seek to blame that someone else for the occurrence. Yet, they never look to themselves for choosing to know that person, deciding to associate with that person, or to be willing to do the thing that they did that turned out adversely from what they had hoped.
Life is much easier when you place the blame elsewhere and take no blame onto yourself. But, the fact of life is, no matter if something turns out great or it turns out very badly, you were are least partially responsible for placing yourself in that situation where the occurrence could occur.
Everyone wants things to turn out great. They want things to turn out the way they want them to turn out. If something turns out good, all is good. But, when things go the other way, then someone must be to blame.
How willing are you to look at yourself when something goes wrong in your life?  Do you ever realize and admit that even if you did not choose for a specific life event to happen, it was you who create the greater life-scape where that event could take place?
Bad things happen in life. Yes, it is very sad.
Bad things are done to people by other people in life. Bad words are spoken. Bad actions are taken. All that is wrong. How much wrong have you committed? Do you allow yourself to know you are committing wrong when you are doing it? Do you accept your responsibility after the fact? Or, do you simply pretend your words and your actions have created no damage? Do you lie to yourself?
When you have done something bad to someone else, why do you not simply realize that what goes around comes around when bad acts are done to you?
Moreover, when bad things happen to you, what responsibility do you hold in the foundations for that trauma? What did you do to allow it to happen? What did you do to set it in motion?
If you look at your life… If you look at all of the good and all of the bad that has happened to your life… Who is ultimately to blame?