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Vanity Kills, It Don’t Pay Bills

“Vanity kills, it don’t pay bills.” If I can grab that lyric from that fun song by ABC from 1985…
I don’t know about where you live, but here in L.A., for the past several years, there’s been this crime wave going on where people are attacking, and even in a couple of cases, have killed people over their Rolex watches.
I mean, there are a lot of people wearing a lot of Rollies here in L.A. Me too, I’ve worn Rolex watches since about 1985 or 1986.
But, the thing is, is it worth dying over?
Just the other day, this guy who was walking his dog and got jacked over his Rollie. The thief came up to him, pointing a gun, took his Rollie, his phone, (obviously so he couldn’t call 911), and his purebred dog. Cute little girl.
Really, I am way more sad for that dog than the guy, as the victim explained, they have three dogs all from the same bloodline.
Dogs are very family orientated and loyal. I am sure that dog, the one that was dognapped, is torn apart as are the other two with grief that one of their family members is gone.
But, here’s the thing, if that guy wasn’t rock’n his Rollie, in this relatively crappy neighborhood, that thief would never have targeted him. That dog would be safe at home. But, his ego caused him to flash that watch. Why? Sure, I get it, that guy is (or was) probably proud that he can/could afford a Rolex. He wanted to broadcast his accomplishment. But, at what cost? Now, he is on the TV news, literally crying about his dog.
Me, I never really thought that much about it. Once I discovered them, I always wore them because they are good watch. I never even took notice of the price or had the thought that I may be jacked because of wearing one. But, it’s going on all the time anymore. So, is it worth it? My answer is, no. I mean, especially for someone like me. Because if someone tried to jack me over my watch, it’s going to become a kill or be killed situation. And, wearing a high-end watch is just not worth that type of needless melodrama.
We can look at this from a lot of directions. One, anyone who steals anybody’s anything is just a low person of limited caring or consciousness. Stealing, or taking something, that is not freely given, for free, is simply wrong.  Two, if people weren’t rock’n their egos so hard, the theft of the watches would not be happening. With nothing worth stealing, nothing is stolen.
So, here’s the thing, and this not just about the watch or the jewelry you wear, if you are out there, ego-flashing your anything, there is the chance that someone will try to steal it from you. Then what? If they do, you are at a loss. If you fight them, and even if you win and keep it, you could end up in jail, especially in a state like California where there is no, “Stand your ground law.” All so unnecessary.
If you’re doing anything based in ego, you may well be forced to pay a price. But, if you let all that ego stuff go, not flashing anything, your life becomes not only a million times cheaper, but a whole lot safer, as well.
There are a lot of reliable watches out there that no one will try to jack you over. Think about it…

“Vanity kills, it don’t pay bills.”