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The Law of Diminishment

It is forever interesting to me how people wish to categories everyone. More often than not, they wish to categorize them/anyone in terms of the negative.
Why is that? Why do people wish to cast others to something lower than themselves? Why do they wish to cast judgement? Why do they wish to give them (that other person) the title of that something less? Why? Because they wish to be something more. They wish to appear to be more and better than that someone else. But, are they?
If you ask me, life should be more than that. People should be more that.
It is like I often state, particularly when someone is asking someone else a question about me or my filmmaking or my art or my writing or my whatever… “You’re asking the wrong question.”
It is like in the earlier stages of my career as a filmmaker, people have often accused me of making porn or making porn orientated films. But, is that the case? No. Absolutely not! Has there ever been any sex in any of my films? No. There has even been any actual sex.
People have also spoken and commented about my using adult film stars and adult film personalities in my films. They ask, “Why?” But, they ask the wrong questions of the wrong people.
If they asked me, I would tell them the true answer. But, they don’t ask me. They either ask someone who is not me, someone who does not know the true answer, or they simply speculate.
Let me answer… I have never been into porn. Even as a young male, that was and is never my thing. If you like it, great. Good for you. But you are not me!
I love artistic photography and artistic filmmaking. If that artist photography involves a nude body, great. But, that is not porn. This is the same with artistic filmmaking. If it involves nudity, great. But again, that is not pornography.
Even more to the point… And, to answer the question(s) people have asked of others but not of me… Why have I used adult film actresses and adult stars in my films? Because they are okay with being nude. And, if they are okay with it, that means it is okay with me.
One of the cheapest forms of special effects is nudity. Plus, it is beautiful. Who does not like to see a beautiful nude body?
Me, I never want to cause anyone to do anything that they do not want to do on camera. If, at any time, anyone has ever mentioned they were uncomfortable with anything, that is the end of the scene. Done! Cut! Moving on. That is not the case with all filmmakers. But, that is my code of ethics.
Even more than that… Who are these people to judge the life choices of individuals who have chosen to make their living in the adult industry. That is their choice! Who are you (or anyone) to judge? They are human beings too. Each with the ability to make the choices that they make.
So, back to the point of people involved in the adult industry. They are okay with being nude. And, with being nude in a film. Plus, they do not have to have sex. So, they are all happy to get their day rate to simply take off their clothing, be nude on camera, and to perhaps act in a film that may provide them with some credibility in the greater film industry.
Another thing to keep in mind is that I have not made a character-driven film in like fifteen years. My filmmaking has become much abstract. So, why lock yourself, why lock me, why lock anybody into a time long gone past?  People change. The life of a person changes. Minds and ideas change. Artistic realizations change. Why hold anyone to who they were then? What good does it do them? What good does it do you?
Now, this piece is not just about my filmmaking and me. I am just using some of my Life Junk as an example. It is about you. It is about you asking the wrong people the wrong questions. It is about you thinking you know when what you are thinking is actually wrong.
Keep in mind, before you think you know, realize that you do not know. If you want to ask questions about anyone, ask the questions of the source. Moreover, don’t judge! Who are you to judge the life of anyone? What makes you so all-knowing and so all-holy?