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Karma and Your Reaction to What You Did

People always turn to karma as a means of describing the what is happening to that whomever. “They’re getting their karma.” That term is generally invoked when something bad is happening to that someone else. But, what about when something good is happening to them? Then, what? Who, or better put, what do you blame for that? Are they getting their karma when something good happens to them?
Like I have discussed forever, karma is such a complicated subject. If you look to its historical foundation and definition, few people truly understand the subtitles. But, if you have, like I have done, studied its origins in the Vedic scriptures, it is a vastly misunderstood ideology that is simply defined by each individual mind.
To me, karma is so extremely misinterpreted, and the term is thrown around so wildly, that it barely resembles what the philosophy truly embodies. Moreover, like I have long said, just because a person gets their, “Karma,” for what they did, how does that help the damage they created in the life of that other person that they hurt?
So sure, a person may, “Get theirs.” But, who is getting what? Is their, “Getting theirs,” fixing the anything that they have done? Probably not. Simply more hurt and more life damage is being created.
What about those that are getting the GOOD? Isn’t that too based in their karma?
What about when that person who has done bad things, has something good happen to them? Where’s the karma in all of that?  Think about it, a lot of people who have done a lot of bad things, aren’t they, many times, the person who rises to the top of the heap?
I believe that all of us that walk the path of consciousness, and I would hope that would be all of you who read this blog, do so with the hope and the belief that you are and will be a positive and good influence on the greater whole of the all and the everything. But, what about when someone does not like what you say or do? Have you ever had that happen? You believe that you are trying to do something good, but someone takes it the wrong way and they get upset at your saying or your doing? You are not trying to hurt anyone. You are not trying to damage anything. But, someone does not like what you said or did. Then what? Where is the karma in that? Perhaps they want you to, “Get yours.” But, what should you get? You were trying to help. You were trying to do a good thing. It was they who misinterpreted your auctions. Where should the karma fall in all of that?
Moreover, how much/how many of the negative things you have done, things that hurt the life of that someone else, have you attempted to fix and/or repair? Do you ever even think about doing any of that? Do you ever even try? Or, do you simply dismiss them and that other person’s feelings, thinking only about yourself? If you think or live in this manner, what do you believe your karma actually holds?  
What about when something bad happens to someone good? They are good person. They are always nice and trying to help. Yet, they are sucker punched and something bad happens to them. Why? Why should they be the victim?
Now, we can all blame the Bad Doer in that equation, if there is one. But, what if that hit comes from something outside, like a disease or an act of nature or a ??? Where is the karmic answer to, “Why,” in all of that?
If you are honest with yourself, when someone who has wronged you gets hit with some negative recompense, you are probably a bit elated. They messed with you and your life and you feel happy that they are now hurting. I guess that’s a natural reaction. But, does it fix anything? Does it undo anything?
Karma, as a word or as an understanding, may be a great answer for people to make excuses for the truth of their reality. But, everyone has karma; both good and bad. Even the good can be seen as bad when the good of one person is viewed as bad by the understandings of another.
Ultimately, if you based your life around the concept of, “Karma,” you will sorely be left unrelieved. All you can do is what you can do. Always try to be good. Always try to do good. Always try to help. Never try to hurt. Undo any pain that you have unleashed. And, if you take pride in the pain of someone else, citing, “Karma,” does that really help your anything? Or, does that simply create more negative karma?