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Riding on the Edge

Back in the day, in the long ago and the far-far away, every now and then, on this blog, I would post the music I was listening to on a certain day, (or night), whether it be on vinyl, cd, tape, my car via the expansive world of the world wide web, streaming, or whatever… I guess it was a popular feature as I used to get a lot of, “What’s next,” when I didn’t post. Anyway, and in any case, I thought, as I sit here (tonight), in the late night, I would give you the latest batch of what I have been listening to, in the background of my life right now. Maybe, as a means of your inspiration.
Here it goes…

Ville Valo — Neon Noir
Dark — Lover in the Dark
Dark — Skeleton Dance
Dark — Forever Suffer
Dark — In the Dark You Die
Clan Of Xymox — She
Clan of Xymor — How Long
Ladytron — Destroy Everything You Touch
moonvampire — Suicide
Caput Medusae — I Wear Black 'Til I'm Dead
Twin Tribes — Fantasmas
Twin Tribes — Monolith
Twin Tribes —Shadows
Twin Tribes — Heart & Feather
Diar Storm — No One Will Cry