Blood on the Guitar A Scott Shaw Zen Film

Scott Shaw Blood on the Guitar
A Scott Shaw Zen Film
Guitars, Girls, Guns, and Heroin
Rock n' Roll is Murder

Vividly filmed in Hollywood, California.

BLOOD ON THE GUITAR is Produced and Directed by Scott Shaw.

This film stars: Scott Shaw, Kenneth H. Kim, and Kevin Thompson.

Actress and Filmmaker Hae Won Shin makes a Special Appearance in this film.

This film also introduces a great cast of co-stars to the world stage; including: Tara Molika Erickson, Dana Davidson, and Alyssa LeBlanc.

BLOOD ON THE GUITAR peers into the dark underworld of Hollywood Rock n' Roll fame, fortune, and human demise.

BLOOD ON THE GUITAR is a visual Rock n' Roll thriller. It finds former Rock Star, Nick Cross (Scott Shaw) being lured back into the world of Rock n' Roll by his onetime band mate, Christian (Kenneth H. Kim), only to find that heroin has taken control over the lives of all of his friends and the woman he once loved.

The Story for BLOOD ON THE GUITAR was Created by Kenneth H. Kim, who is also a Producer of this film.

BLOOD ON THE GUITAR was originally released in 2005 with the title, THE FINAL KISS. In 2008 the film was digitally remastered and additional, never before viewed, scenes were added.

Scott Shaw's Blood on the Guitar: A Rock and Roll Descent into Madness


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Blood on the Guitar
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The Final Kiss
The Final Kiss DVD
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This is the first cut version of this Zen Film.
The later version, Blood on the Guitar has additional scenes.

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Scott Shaw

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Scott Shaw

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