Scott Be Positive

Zen Filmmaking:
Don't Miss the Bus

By Scott Shaw

It is kind of interesting… People forever perceive the everything else of the everybody else based upon their own point of view. If they operate from a space of positivity, they see all things as positive. If they operate from a space of negativity, they see all things as negative. Most operate somewhere in between. That’s just life. But, here we all are. We are all attempting to operate our way through our life in the best and most beneficial manner possible.

Some people create things. It may be paintings, drawings, photos, music, poetry, literature, films, programs, businesses, children or… Other people do not create. This is not bad or good; this is just life and the definition thereof.

As everybody comes at the everything else of the everybody else based upon their own point of view, some people who do not comprehend the process of creation want to base their life upon judging what another person creates. I mean how many times have you heard people criticizing the art created by someone else? How many times have you heard someone criticizing someone else—meaning that they are criticizing the parents of that person as those parents not only gave both to that individual but raised them into adulthood, as well.  But, all this criticism is just mind junk. It is just someone attempting to find something to do with their mind and the time that they have here in life instead of actually getting out there and creating and understating the process of inspiration equaling creation.

Okay, to the point… Zen Filmmaking is based upon the most spiritually pure source of energy that there is; instantaneous creativity. No definition, no judgment, no negativity, simply pure, in-the-moment, cinematic realization placed upon film or video or digital memory cards or whatever come next…  It is about grabbing a visual instance in the purity of the meditative moment and realizing it upon film. What it is that is captured doesn’t matter. Whether it is perfectly framed or not, in or out of focus—if it captures a moment never seen again throughout human history or it is completely meaningless is unimportant; what it is, is just that—it is what it is.

Zen Filmmaking is about operating from a space of mental and spiritual purity. Yet, there are people out there who want to place their own definition upon Zen Filmmaking—based upon their own dominate emotion: be that positive or negative. But, by doing this, they completely miss the point. And, by missing they point, they miss the point! Thus, all they have done is to damn an elemental process geared towards generating enlightenment into the realms of interpersonal, self-defined, mind junk. Which means, they don’t understand it at all.

Free yourself of definition and criticism leaves your vocabulary. What happens next? Satori.

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