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Here is Scott Shaw's Martial Art Biography from the Martial Art Encyclopedia.

SHAW, SCOTT (1958- ) Hapkido/taekwondo instructor, author, journalist and filmmaker. He began studying hapkido in 1964 at the age of six and earned his hapkido black belt in 1969. Soon after this, he was introduced to taekwondo, earning his taekwondo black belt in 1971. By 21 Shaw was a professional instructor of the martial arts.
In 1980, at the age of 22, as the highest-ranking non-Korean instructor in the area at the time, Shaw was asked to lead over 500 taekwondo practitioners in the first annual Los Angeles Koreatown  parade. That same year, he was the only non-Korean appointed as a bodyguard for the president of South Korea on his first visit to Los Angeles.
Shaw has studied extensively in Asia and trained under the guidance of such instructors as Duk Hyun Son, Sea Oh Choi, Hee Hwan Yoon, Harias Takeda and Sung Soo Lee. He has authored numerous articles and a number of books on the martial arts published by industry-leading magazines and publishers. His books include Advanced Taekwondo; Chi Kung for Beginners; Hapkido: Essays on Self-Defense; Hapkido: Korean Art of Self-Defense; Mastering Heath: The A to Z of Chi Kung; Samurai Zen; Taekwondo Basics; The Ki Process: Korean Secrets for Cultivating Internal Energy; The Tao of Self-Defense; and The Warrior is Silent: Martial Arts and the Spiritual Path.
Shaw currently holds master-level black belts in both hapkido and taekwondo. He’s the founder of ki sul kwan hapkido and the president of Hapkido Taekwondo International.