Frogtown News A Scott Shaw Zen Film

Frogtown News
A Scott Shaw Zen Documentary

A Tribute to DGJ

People often ask the question, "Just what is Zen Filmmaking?" To answer that question, Scott Shaw created this documentary.

Cameras rolled on Donald G. Jackson, Scott Shaw, Julie Strain, Kevin Eastman, and others, at the 1997 and 1998 American Film Markets.

In this documentary, Scott Shaw presents deep insight into Zen Filmmaking from the words of people who have actually created Zen Films.

Step behind the scenes with Scott Shaw and Donald G. Jackson, the creators of Zen Filmmaking, and witness interviews, discussions, and the wild antics of the team as they transverse the realms of the inner-workings of the Hollywood Film Industry.


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Production Stills:

Julie Strain

Donald G. Jackson

Kevin Eastman

Scott Shaw


Scott Shaw & DGJ



Kevin Eastman Interview


Donald G. Jackson

Scott Don Chupacabra

Scott Jill Don
Scott Shaw, Jill Kelly, Donald G. Jackson, Toad Warrior

Scott Serena Don
Scott Shaw, Serena Ripley, Donald G. Jackson, Shotgun Blvd.

Donald G. Jackson, Robert Z'Dar, Scott Shaw, Conrad Brooks

Scott David Don
Scott Shaw, David Heavener, Donald G. Jackson

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