Max Hell Frog Warrior A Zen Film

Scott Shaw Max Hell Frog Warrior
A Scott Shaw - Donald G. Jackson Zen Film

In a World Gone to Toads Only Max Hell Can Save Us

Were Created, Produced, and Directed by Donald G. Jackson and Scott Shaw.


  • SCOTT SHAW, International Action Star and Martial Arts Master
  • JOE ESTEVEZ, Indie Film Demigod
  • CONRAD BROOKS, Cult Movie Icon
  • JILL KELLY, Adult Film Superstar
This film also has a great supporting cast; including: ROGER ELLIS, SANDRA PURPORO, CAMILLE SOLARI, ELIZABETH MEHR, and ROBIN KIMBERLY.


The Earth is being swept by a Toad Plague. Enter the Lone Samurai Max Hell (Scott Shaw), the Earth's last hope to save the planet from the mad clutches of Mickey O'Malley (Joe Estevez).

Max Hell Frog Warrior Max Hell Frog Warrior Trailer on YouTube


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Toad Warrior Verses Max Hell Frog Warrior

The film Toad Warrior AKA Hell Comes to Fogtown III AKA Max Hell Comes to Frogtown was initially released to Malaysia, the Philippines, and Japan for theatrically presentation only. This film was never supposed to be released in the U.S. as the filmmaking team of Scott Shaw and Donald G. Jackson did not like the final cut. For this reason, they held back on its U.S. release while they went on to create other feature films—planning to eventually reedit it. During this time period, somehow a distribution company got hold of a copy of Toad Warrior and illegally released the film. Eventually, this version was taken off the market but as the film was already in wide distribution all Scott Shaw could do, to protect the integrity of the film, was to release an Official Version of the movie, Toad Warrior. So yes, Toad Warrior and Max Hell Frog Warrior are two films based upon a similar source. They each, however, have unique segments of footage that the other one does not and the two films present a somewhat different conclusion. For the record, Max Hell Frog Warrior is the recommended version of the film.

Max Hell Frog Warrior
Max Hell Frog Warrior DVD
Max Hell Frog Warrior on Amazon Prime Video

Toad Warrior
Toad Warrior DVD
Toad Warrior on Amazon Prime Video

Max Hell Comes to Frogtown
Max Hell Comes to Frogtown A Zen Speed Flick DVD
Max Hell Comes to Frogtown A Zen Speed Flick on Amazon Prime Video
What is a Zen Speed Flick? A Zen Speed Flick is a feature length film cut down to its most essential elements, leaving only the most interesting and fast-paced moments.

Max Hell The Frog Warrior
A re-envisioned take on the film based on 1920s silent cinema.
Max Hell The Frog Warrior A Zen Silent Flick DVD
Max Hell The Frog Warrior A Zen Silent Flick on YouTube

Max Hell 1st Cut Poster
Max Hell Frog Warrior The Zen First Cut DVD
Max Hell Frog Warrior The Zen First Cut on YouTube

View the predecessor to Max Hell Frog Warrior:
Return to Frogtown
Frogtown 2: Return to Frogtown DVD
Frogtown 2: Return to Frogtown YouTube

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Scott Shaw details production information about Max Hell Frog Warrior and many other Zen Films in these books:
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Zen Filmmaking

Zen Filmmaking 2
Zen Filmmaking 2: Further Writings on the Cinematic Arts

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DGJ Cover
Donald G. Jackson: Soldier of Cinema

Showgirls Teen Wolves and Zstro Zombies
Showgirls, Teen Wolves, and Astro Zombies: A Film Critic's Year-Long Quest to Find the Worst Movie Ever Made.
No only is there an entire chapter devoted to Scott Shaw in this book but the author discusses a number of Zen Films including Toad Warrior.

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  • We want to thank the writers of the HBO television series, The Newsroom, for mentioning Max Hell on the August 12, 2012, Season One, Episode Eight broadcast of the show.
  • There's a band from Bangkok, Thailand named Max Hell. Click on the name to watch them perform on YouTube.
  • Here's a link to DJ Max Hell doing a gig uploaded to YouTube.
  • The band Family Animal does a song called, Toad Warrior. Not sure if it's about the movie but they are a great avant garde band. Click on the title to hear them perform it live.

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Max Hell Frog Warrior Publicity and Production Stills:

Scott Shaw Jumping Kick


Scott Shaw Robin Kimberly

Scott Shaw Joe Estevez

Joe Estevez

Elizabeth Mehr Scott Shaw

Jill Kelly Scott Shaw

Roger Ellis

Joe Estevez

Scott Shaw


Scott Shaw Jill Kelly

Scott Shaw Max Hell

Conrad Brooks Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw Max Hell Frog Warrior

Joe Estevez Selina Jayne

Scott Shaw Max Hell Frog Warrior

Scott Shaw Max Hell Frog Warrior

Max Hell and Guard

Sandra Pupuro

Scott Shaw Spank

Scott Shaw Max Hell

Scott Shaw Conrad Brooks

Scott Shaw Max Hell

Guard and Frog

Scott Shaw Toad Warrior

Camille and Robin

Humphrey Bullfrog

Scott Shaw Directing
Scott Shaw Directing Max Hell Frog Warrior.

Scott Shaw Joe Estevez
Scott Shaw, Joe Estevez, and Nancy Vee Behind the Scenes.

Scott Shaw Jill Kelly Donald G. Jackson
Scott Shaw, Jill Kelly, and Donald G. Jackson at the 1997 American Film Market where this film was first released.


Max Hell Come to Frogtown
Here's the poster from the film with its alternative title, Max Hell Comes to Frogtown.

Toad Warrior Film Flyer
Here is the original One Sheet for Toad Warrior.

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