Scott Be Positive

Life is Born from You

By Scott Shaw

Whenever a person feels something is lacking in their life, whenever a person feels that they are unhappy with the people and/or the life-situations that continually present themselves in their lives, whenever a person desires something and it is not forthcoming, whenever a person is unfulfilled, unhappy, dissatisfied, or depressed the first thing to do is, “Look at yourself.” 

Life is born from you. Life is born from the thoughts you think, the choices you make, the words you speak, the actions you take, and the things you do. As such, for all life events, either positive or negative, you are the first causation factor.

People try to deny this. In fact, they go to all kinds of lengths to rationalize, justify, and to
not take responsibility for the condition of their life. They read books, they go to church, they go to psychotherapists, they get drunk, all with the hope of being able to turn responsibility away from themselves and to blame someone or something else. If there is one commonality in all the personally created badness in the world, it is that people refuse to place blame where blame is due; and that is solely upon yourself. 

Every thought you think, every choice you make, every word you speak, every thing you do sets a course of events into motion. If your thoughts, choices, words, and actions are kind, nice, loving, and giving, then good things are usually set into motion. If they are the opposite, the opposite occurs. 

You set the course for your entire life into motion by what you say and what you do. This is why the Sage very consciously chooses to think and do as little as possible for then with no action is set into motion. Thus, there is no reaction.

People falsely believe that they can say or do something and there will be no repercussions. They think if they get away with it — if no one hears them or sees them doing it; if they are not caught, then all is fine. But, that is not true. All you do, even if you do it in your secret hiding place, creates an energy. If what you do is detrimental to anything or anybody, in anyway way, then the course of your life's destiny has been sealed — you have set the pathway for your destiny into motion. 

It is common that when a person is dissatisfied with something in their life, they lash out. They say and do things that though they may understand is not of the highest mind, they do it anyway. “I’m venting, okay. That's my right!” Yet, in these moments of unregulated abandonment bad actions are often taken that have serious consequences. 

In fact, many (most) people do all that they do based solely upon a very selfish, self-motivated, mindset of thinking only about themselves and no one else in any given moment in time.  Yet, once again, they seek out justification for what they think and what they are doing. But, the fact is, no matter what your justification or your causation factor, your actions have consequences. Those consequences commonly take on the form of your life being lived in less than an ideal manner if you do things that are detrimental to other life.  

Some people eventually come to understand that the way they were thinking, what they were saying or doing, is not to the overall benefit of the entire world and from this realization they stop. Some are even so conscious that they try to undo the wrongs they have unleashed; whether these deeds were done to one person or the larger whole. Most people are never so conscious and caring, however. They do what they do and never take the time to look at themselves and try to understanding that what they are unleashing onto the world is, in fact, negative.  Most simply seek and find internal justifications for their thoughts, words, and actions. Yet, they still question why their life is not being lived in the manner that they want it to be lived. Finally, there are those who simply lie about their existence. They lie to others and even to themselves. Yet, when they are alone and left to their own mind all they can do is question why their life is as their life is.
The source of everything arises from you. No matter what your formative years gave you, no matter what you encountered in your adult years, you are the source of all that is occurring in your life. As long as you think wrong, do wrong, damage other people or other things, or do not care about anyone but yourself and how you are encountering life in any given moment, then you will be defined by those thoughts and actions. You are what you create. If you want to know the reason why, look at yourself.

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