Scott Be Positive

Getting What You Want

By Scott Shaw

At the root of human existence is the individual getting what they want. If a person gets what they want from life they are happy, content, and all is well with the world. If, on the other hand, a person is not getting what they want from life, then chaos is set into motion.

People who receive what they want from life are calm, caring, and giving. A person who is not getting what they want from life is eruptive, bitter, and judgmental; they think only about themselves but never contemplate the well-being of others. As such, a world defined by negative emotions and reckless actions is set into motion and this is all based upon one person’s desire not being fulfilled. 

From one person’s actions an entire world of consequences is set into motion. Though actions begin with one person, they spread to all personal encounters that individual has and from there outwards to the entire world. Thus, individual desire and how an individual acts and reacts to that desire have the potential to set the stage for all of humanity. 

At the heart of wanting anything is individual desire. What do you want? This question is most-probably easy to answer, as virtually every person in this world wants something.

Why do you want that thing? Here is where the complexities of personal psychology is given birth to and where the definition of human life becomes more complicated. This is due to the fact that each person is different and they each want something different from and for their life. Though there is certainly a commonality of human desires, each person expresses the quest for that desire in a different manner.

In times gone past a person simply acted out on their desires, believing they had the right to obtain that desire by any means possible. Through time it has come to be understood that this is an unenlightened mindset to hold. This being understood, you can still witness this style of behavior all of the time — the powerful, the rich, the physically or psychologically imposing are not above setting about gaining their desirers through force.  Those who do not possess the aforementioned qualities will commonly use deceit to gain their desired ends.  Others will simply completely freak out and throw massive tantrums when they feel their desires are not being met. The one common element that all of these levels of human expression possess is that people are forcing their way through life to obtain a desire that they are fueled by and they are doing it with little or no regard to the other people they encounter or the impact they are having on life. 

On the other side of the quest for human desire we witness the person that understands that they possess a desire, though they are aware they have that desire and may take steps in obtaining it, they do not become unacceptably defined by it. As such, they do not release their rage onto the world if they do not obtain it. Though this is certainly understood to be the greater good in the quest for personal desire, the elements of desire is still the common thread that defines what this person is doing.

Do you ever take the time to think about the desires you have? Where did that desire arise? What will it mean if you obtain that desire? What expansive effects will your obtaining that desire have on your greater community of personal relationships and upon the world on the whole? 

Here are a few important things to consider as you study the pathway of your desires. Think about this, how many desires have you encountered throughout your lifetime? Think about a desire you had ten years ago. Whether you obtained it or not is unimportant. But, do you still have that desire? Probably not. 

Desires are like the waves on the ocean. They come and then they disappear. If you obtain them, you obtain them. As you have them, your desire has been met. Okay, and then what? This leads us to the next question you should analyze in your quest for obtaining what you desire. Did the obtainment of achieving that desire equal all that you thought it would? In some cases it may have, in other cases perhaps just the opposite was encountered — your desired only equaled further desires and set the chaos of life into motion.  

This is the thing about desires; you will never know what they will equal. If you obtain them or if you don’t the ultimate truth about the pursuit of desires is all it does is set an entirely new realm of uncharitable chaos and further desires into motion. 

Each desire orchestrates an entire spectrum of unknown, unpredictable events and sets them in motion. You can never know, until you know, what the actions you take in the obtainment of your desires will equal and what will be the ultimate cost or repercussion of those actions. You can never know, until you know, what the results of you obtaining your desires will be. Commonly, you may find out, but you, most probably, will never know what your actions in obtaining your desire did to the life of other people. Those results may be very positive or they may be very negative; in either case, you will never be able to change them and, as such, it was you who influenced the entire evolution of the world; bad or good, and it was you who set them in motion simply by attempting to actualize a desire that you possess. 

Desires are temporary things. Everybody has them. Some people possess the ability to control their desire for desires better than others. But, the fact is, though your desires may be your desires, your desire is the source point for all of existence. What are you willing to do to obtain your desires and are you willing to make other suffer the consequences for your desires?

Life begins and ends with you. How are you going to live? What are you going to do for others? Are you going to allow your desires to define your everything? Or, are you gong to be more? Your choice. Your desire.

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