Scott Be Positive

How Can You Help? Who Should You Help? Why Should You Help?

By Scott Shaw

Do you spend any time thinking about how you can help another person? If you don’t, this says a lot about you.

Do you spend any time thinking about how you can make someone else’s life better? If you don’t, this says a lot about you.

Do you ever go out of your way to help someone, give someone something? Do you ever do this for someone that you want nothing from in return? If you don’t this says a lot about you.

When you need help—when you are feeling bad, unhappy, depressed, need a loan, who do you turn to? When you turn to that person or persons are they there for you? Do they give you the help that you need? If they do, how does that make you feel? If they don’t, how does that make you feel?

Have you ever needed help and there was no one there to help you? What impact did that have on your life and how did you recuperate?

Many people spend no time at all thinking about the feelings and the needs of anyone else but themselves and/or those they love. At best, someone may give a dollar to a bum or put some money in the collection plate at church. But, is this truly helping anyone? Does it actually change one person’s life for the better—that one person who really needs your help? You may feel better about yourself for doing it, but does it truly help anyone? Does it truly change anyone's life for the better? 

If you don’t think about other people, if you don’t care about other people, if you experience the emotion of pride or happiness when you witness other people being hurt or suffering, what does that say about you?

It is easy to be cavalier in life. It is easy to be bold and demeaning of others when you are in a position of completeness. But, what happens when you are not? No one is whole, complete, and unhurt forever. Everyone eventually needs help. What happens when you need help but you have built your life upon helping no one? 

Think about your moment right now. What are you planning to do with your day? Do your plans only involve you: what you want, what you desire, what will make you feel good? Do you have any intention of helping anyone else? 

Most people never think about other people in terms of reaching out a helping hand. They think about themselves. They plan how they can get over on a person they may not like. They think what do, “I,” want and how can, “I,” make my today better for, “Me.” 

What are you thinking about? Are you thinking about yourself? Or, are you planning how you can actually go out, do something positive, and help someone?

In life, it is easy to take. In life, it is easy to judge. In life, it is easy to think only about yourself. But, what kind of life will you have lived if you do not think and care about other people?

Ask yourself, “Who can I help today?” Now, ask yourself, “Are you willing to help them?” Are you willing to care enough about someone else that you actually go out of your way, stop thinking only about yourself, and do something for them—do something good that actually helps them? 

We all need help. We all need kindness. We all need love. Are you willing to give it? If not, what does that say about you?

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