Scott Be Positive

Are You Aware Enough to Learn?

By Scott Shaw

Life is a never-ending process of learning, expanding, and growing. Life provides the individual with the opportunity to constantly expand their mind, acquire new understandings, while continuing to expand their mind and advance their knowledge.

Not to long ago in world history people were sedentary. They were born into a specific region on this earth’s service and, with very few exceptions, they never left. From this, the amount of new information made available to each person was limited. As the industrial age and later the information age came upon us, though a person may never physically travel more than a few miles from where they born, the amount of knowledge that they can readily acquire is mind-boggling. It is all there at your fingertips.

Have you ever met a person who is very set in their ways—very stubborn? They know what they know, believe what they believe, and allow nothing to change their mind. There are many people who follow this mindset. They are proud of believing what they believe and decide that they know enough. They are proud to be firm and in their beliefs and in believing that the already posses all of the knowledge that is necessary for their life. Are you like this? Do you believe you hold enough knowledge? Do you think that what you currently know and the things you believe in it is enough?

In life, you really don’t need to know too much to get from one side of it to the other. To pass from birth to death is quite easy if you remain oblivious to all that is going on around you. This is the way many people live their lives. Though this is the way many people live their life, what this does is to keep one from expanding and acquiring the ever-expanding new levels of knowledge, understandings, and consciousness that are now made available to all of us.

In the past, the only way to gain advanced knowledge was at an institution such as a university. This is no longer the case. It is everywhere—available to everyone. Are you taking advantage of this?

Though knowledge is out there in an abundances and many claim to seek it, there is a sub-category of those who claim to seek new knowledge and new understanding but truly are not. This subgroup is made up of people who only seek knowledge that reaffirms what they already believe and/or supports the way they already feel. For this person, new knowledge is not what they are acquiring. What they are doing is that they have already made a choice and then they seek out people, words, teachings, and understandings that support the belief(s) they already hold. Are you one of these people?

Knowledge is based upon two primary conflicting elements: that which expands the mind and gives birth to creativity and positivity and the adverse; knowledge which holds a person bound to a specific belief system where they are not allowed to think freely and are, thereby, driven into the expression of negativity in their life.

The truth is, if you seek out negativity you can find it everywhere. And, the subtle reality of negativity is that it hides in many guises and is taught via many teachings. So much so that few people ever know that negativity is what they are embracing once there are locked into its belief system. Think about it; does what you currently believe and what you are currently allowing into your mind making you feel joyous, happy, free, loving, giving, and caring? Or, is what you are concentrate upon making you feel angry, angst ridden, fearful, and spiteful? Think about it, what do you think is the better thought pattern?

Though it is sad fact of human existence that negativity haunts the mind of many people, the adverse exists, as well. If you seek out positivity, and will not settle of anything less, it is out there in abundance; it is simply just a little bit harder to find as it does not activate as much adrenaline to hold onto its essence.

What lies ahead of you in life is what you set into motion in this moment. If you open your mind without judgment and you decide to gain new understandings that you may ultimately decide to embrace or reject you can forever learn. If, on the other hand, if what you allow your life to focus upon keeps you locked into a state of stubborn, hurtful belief, and if your study inflicts negative appraisals upon others, then you will be trapped to forever live the same thought patterns over and over and over again.

Life is an ever-growing expansive place. Allow yourself to be a true part of it. Learn, grow, expand.

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