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Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw Likes
Zone Magazine (2014)

Scott Shaw Likes:

Stetson Fedoras

French Cuff Shirts

Snap Shirts by Panhandle Slim

Adidas Tennis Shoes
• Though pretty much any tennis shoe with a vintage vibe will do...

New Balance 900 series tennis shoes
• The last athletic shoes that are actually made in the U.S.A.

Gibson Guitars
• I need a Gibson L5-S. I gave mine away when I was playing at the Montreal Jazz Festival a couple of years ago. If you feel like giving me one as a gift, that would be great! :-)


The Ocean

The Rose Bowl Swap Meet

The PCC Flea Market

The Torrance Antique Street Fair

The Original Farmer's Market

Apple Computers

Modern Art

Music on Vinyl

Amoeba Music




The Vedanta Society Bookstore

Logos Bookstore

Green Apple Bookstore

Moe's Books

Creative People

Positive People

Persian Cats