Scott Be Positive

Do You Listen to Yourself?

By Scott Shaw

Most people spend their entire life talking. They listen but they only listen to others. They never listen to themselves. They talk and they talk, they listen and they listen but they never hear.

Do you ever think about what you are saying? Do you think about what you say before you say it? Do you contemplate the effect your words have on other people? Do you ever think about what you say and how it sounds to other people? Do you ever question why you say the things you say? 

At the root of higher consciousness is the individual who can step away from themselves.  At the root of higher consciousness is the person who can be silent instead of attempting to make themselves heard. At the root of higher consciousness is the person who surrenders their ego and does not have to win the discussion. At the root of higher consciousness is the person who is whole onto themselves and thereby knows why they speak the words they speak. 

In this world we have been taught to speak up, speak out, say what is on our mind. In this world we have been taught to fight for what we believe in. But, why do we believe in anything? Ask yourself, why do you believe what you believe? Why do you feel you have to voice what you believe? Who gives you the right to say anything? 

Each of us possesses a personality. Each of us holds onto all the factors that have educated us throughout our life. Each of us believes that because we are, we are. But, are we?  

Who are you? Why are You? Who gave you permission to be you? And, why do you feel you have the right to spread your you onto others? 

There is one factor that dominates all conversations and that is personal ego. You feel you know enough to tell others how they should be, what they should be, and how they should feel. But, if you believe this that means that you are ego dominated and not a truly whole and pure person. For the true knower understands and acknowledges that they know nothing; no one does. 

If you speak, it is your ego that is speaking. If you talk, it is your self-absorption that is talking. It is your belief in yourself. But, step back and truly take a look at who and what you are. Are you the truth in your words or are you simply trying to make yourself be seen as something more in the eyes of other people? If you are talking, then that means that the ladder is the case. You are just spewing ego trying to make yourself believe that you are more and make others believes that you hold the answers. But, more is never the goal of the enlightened mind. Less is more. That is why those who hold true knowledge never speak. They never try to tell people anything. They never attempt to convince people of how they should think or what they should believe. Mostly, they never lie. 

If you lie, all you are is a liar. It is as simple as that. Knowing that fact alone should cause you to be silent. 

Next time you are speaking to someone have the mental aptitude to step back from yourself and listen to how you sound. Become aware of how others perceive how you speak. Put away your ego and listen. Once you do that you will most likely become silent.

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