Samurai Ballet A Scott Shaw Zen Film

Scott Shaw
A Scott Shaw Zen Film

SAMURAI BALLET was Produced by, Directed by, and Stars Scott Shaw. It introduces Martial Arts expert Paul Banks. The film co-stars Thipaporn Chandradibya, a film star from Thailand. The film also co-stars Vincent L. Spezze and Douglas Jackson who appeared in Scott Shaw's,
Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell.

SAMURAI BALLET finds Alexander Hell (Scott Shaw) teaming up with Lord Kaga (Paul Banks) in quest of Hell's love, Kala (Thipaporn Chandradibya), who has been kidnapped by the evil Warlord (Mark McKeel).

Kristine Willey, Joel Ciniero, and Douglas Jackson were essential elements in the production of this film.


  • Samurai Ballet was filmed entirely on Super 8 film.
  • Scott Shaw played his Kris Derrig (Gibson) Les Paul in this film.
  • Kristine Willey plays a 1952 Gibson ES5 Switchmaster, owned by Scott Shaw, in this film.
  • Filmed after Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell, this film finds Scott Shaw playing an alternative version of his character, Alexander Hell.

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Asia Week, Volume 20 Issue 3
Psychotronic Video, Number 22
Film Threat Video Guide, Issue 13


Paul Banks Samurai Ballet

Samurai Ballet

Scott Shaw Thipaporn Chandradibya

Paul Banks

Scott Shaw Les Paul

Scott Shaw Samurai Ballet

Paul Banks Cindy Chung

Samurai Ballet

Paul Banls Samurai Ballet

Scott Shaw Cindy Chueng

Thipaporn Chandradibya

Scott Shaw

Douglas Jackson

Paul Banks

Samurai Ballet

Samurai Ballet

Samurai Ballet



Scott Shaw Samurai Ballet
Here is one of the early publicity one-sheets for the film.

Samurai Ballet Video Box
Here's the Video Tape Box for the Collector's Edition VHS.

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