Scott Be Positive

Making Something Out of Nothing

By Scott Shaw

The world of filmmaking is something that is entered into by very few people. Yes, most everyone watches films and many have their opinions about the films that they have seen but few people have the creativity, desire, focus, and the fortitude to actually make a film. It is not easy.

I often speak about how filmmaking was much harder and way more expensive a decade or two ago. Back then, before the digital revolution, everything was shot on film. And, when shooting on film you could never see what you had actually captured until that film was developed and put into a format where it could be viewed. Then, you had to sync the sound and edit the footage. All, very expensive.

The formula was, you could calculate approximately $1,000.00 a minute to shoot a 16mm film. As a feature length film is eighty-two minutes plus, you would basically calculate a $90,000.00 budget to complete an independent feature film. When we created Roller Blade Seven in 16mm for $30,000.00 it was quite an accomplishment and almost unheard of.

Then came the video revolution and next the digital revolution. People have now shot entire feature films, that have been shown on the silver screen, on their iPhone. Not only has filmmaking become exponentially cheaper, it is vastly more easily done, as well.

All this being said, though filmmaking has become much easier and cheaper, still very few people step up to the filmmaking plate and actually create a feature length film. Yes, people talk and talk about the films other people have created. Some say, “They could do it better.” Some even state that, “Someday,” they will make their own. But, that someday never comes. All they do is talk.

At the heart of filmmaking is creating something out of nothing. You have an idea for a film and then you find a way to get that film made both financially and technically. Then, you put together the cast and the crew and you actually create the vision that is your mind. Can you do that? Few people have.

Here lies the essence of the arts. This is the factor that defines the true artist from those who all they have is their words. An artist envisions their art, then they find a way to create their art. It is not easy. It takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of focused creative energy. But, once it is done, it is done, and art has been created. Loved or hated is not the sourcepoint of art. The creating of the art is the sourcepoint of the art and very few can actually do that. So, all we are left with is those who talk about the art others have created.

Who are you? How do you live your life? Is your life defined by talking about the creations of others or is your life defined by creating your own art? Are you someone who can actually make something out of nothing?

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