Scott Be Positive

It Never Rains in Space

By Scott Shaw

Since the dawn of humankind and the ever-evolving realms of human consciousness man (and woman) has stared at the stars with wonderment. From this, there have been all kinds of fantasies and works of literature created. The human mind traveled there since the reality of sense separation and the defining of human boundaries came into play. People wrote stories of the possibilities of what is out there since long before man ever made his first steps into the realms beyond this earth. Someday, perhaps, man will have developed the ability to actually travel into and streak across the galaxies as has been depicted in so many novels, movies, and television shows. Then is not now, however. Now is now.

In life, we are defined by life. We are defined by our available options. Our mind can wander, we can believe in anything we wish to believe in; we can hope and we can fanaticize about anything that we want—we can even take steps in making the next evolution of humankind possible. What we cannot do, however, is to change the reality we are defined to live within. Here, in the space and the time we find ourselves inhabiting is all we have. Meaning, we are defined by where we are.

Many people speak of what is, when it is not. They claim all type of aberrant realities. They make people believe in heavens, hells, parallel universes, and altered dimensions. This is why the proponents of the counterculture, which took hold during the 1960s and 1970s, were so able to establish themselves and their place in counterculture history by preaching the benefits of the use of hallucinogenic drugs—for in that altered reality, anything was possible.

The problem with the use of hallucinogenic drugs and their ingestion as a causeway to expanding consciousness is that there is never one-reality. Though two people may take the exact same drug at the exact same moment, their experience and what they each, individually, experienced will be completely different. Thus, hallucinogenic drugs are not a pathway to a new kingdom. If they were, everyone would arrive at the same place. They do not.

This same basis of individual consciousness, equaling religious ideology, is also easy charted. Though people may follow the same religion and even exist within the same sect or have the same teacher within that religion; each will have their own mental picture of what is what. If you speak to them, if you ask them to describe their religion, if you ask them to step beyond what is stated in their scriptures, than each will come to their own conclusion about the definition of life, reality, god, and the cosmos. Though, compared to the altered mental reality of an individual who ingests a hallucinogenic drugs, there will be more of a common thought process and definition, none-the-less, there will still be large gaps, revealing large differences, in conceptualized reality.

When you enter the more abstract and metaphysical levels of human consciousness and those who talk about and teach these realms, the sky is the limit. They can say anything because there is no common ground and basis in or of fact. In fact, the more grandiose the claims made by these practitioners, the more they elevate themselves to a place where they may be believed to be more than the common individual. In other words, they are claiming, “I am able to experience something you cannot, as such, that makes me more than you.” Some feeble minded people buy into this. From this, all kinds of nonsense and devious deeds have been unleashed throughout the evolution of humanity.

Human life was formed and, at least for now, it exists predominately upon this earth. Here: there is life, there is death, there is human conflict, there is success and there is failure. Here, there is weather. It rains here on earth. It does not rain in space. That rain gives us needed sustenance. In space it is absence. Thus, it is not where we are supposed to be.

No matter what our mind chooses to believe. No matter what we do or whom we choose to follow, there is one simply reality. That reality is, all we are is all we are.

We can fantasy, we can pretend, we can follow those we believe to be holy or who claim holiness. We can alter our reality with hallucinogenic drugs, but, at the end of the day, we will come down from that drug and who and what will we be? Who we will be is simply who and what we are. No more, no less.

No matter what we believe, no matter what holiness a person does or does not claim, they too will die. Though some claim they can transcend this realm and communicate with those who have left this life, this too is a falsity based upon the creative mind of some novelist from times gone past. To prove this point, try this, put two of the people who claim they can communicate with the dead together, will they speak they same words supposedly voiced by that person who now dwells in the great beyond? No, they will not. Thus, like hallucinogenic drugs all reality is based on the individual. There is no absolute definition, no defined absolute knowledge about this life space or what is beyond our life. There is only what we have here and now. Accept that and you are free.

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