Scott Shaw Kevin Eastman
A Scott Shaw Zen Film

With a guitar in one hand,
a gun in the other,
they kick Hollywood's butt! 

Created and Directed by Scott Shaw, The Rock n' Roll Cops is a blistering non-stop Action Adventure through the mean streets of Hollywood, California.

Co-Produced and Photographed by Donald G. Jackson.

The Rock n' Roll Cops Stars:
International Action Star and Martial Arts Master, Scott Shaw
Action Star, David Heavener
Co-Creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Eastman
Penthouse Pet and B-Movie Queen, Julie Strain
Ultimate Hollywood Bad Guys: Robert Z'Dar and William Smith
and Famed Indie Filmmaker, Donald G. Jackson

Film Facts:
Scott Shaw feels that this Zen Film is one of the best examples of Zen Filmmaking.
Many of the scenes for this movie were filmed on Hollywood and Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, California.
The iconic Bonventure Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles was used as one of the primary filming locations for the creation of this film.
Another primary filming location for this Zen Film was Union Station, Los Angeles. Finished in 1939, this railway hub is a spectacular location that has been used in numerous films, television shows, and commercials. It is known as, "The last great railway station."
The VHS Video Tape release of this film was titled: Rock n' Roll Cops 2: The Adventure Begins. Here is the original poster.

Rock n Roll Cops 2

Special Thanks to the
Smithee Awards for the awards given to The Rock n' Roll Cops.

Film Trailer:

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The Rock n' Roll Cops

Rock n' Roll Cops Lite

Rock n' Roll Cops Lite is the PG version of the Scott Shaw Zen Film, The Rock n' Rock Cops. Gone is the nudity that some people may find offensive, remaining is all of the action and the adventure.


There is a Great Chapter in Scott Shaw's book, Zen Filmmaking that details the creation of this film. Click on the title to pick up your copy and find out more about what actually took place.

Rock n' Roll Cops Credit Card

Rock n' Roll Cops had credit cards created as a promotional tool for the 1998 American Film Market. Rock n' Roll Cops Credit Card @ Zen Filmmaking on Google+.

The Rock n' Roll Cops Publicity and Production Stills:

Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw Les Paul
Scott Shaw Swords
Scott Shaw Julie Strain Kevin Eastman
Scott Shaw Limo Rock n Roll Cops
Rock n' Roll Cops
Scott Shaw Kevin Eastman
Scott Shaw Rock n' Roll Cops Band
Scott Shaw The Rock n' Roll Cops
The Rock n' Roll Cops
Scott Shaw David Heavener

Scott Shaw
William Smith Donald G. Jackson
William Smith Scott Shaw
William Smith
Robert Z'Dar
Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw Samantha  Philliips
Rock n' Roll Cops Dance
Rock n' Roll Cops Dance Filming
Scott Shaw Kevin Eastman
Julie Strain Scott Shaw
Julie Strain taking a photograph of Scott Shaw and Kevin Eastman on the set of Rock n' Roll Cops.

Scott Shaw David Heavener
Scott Shaw, David Heavener, and Donald G. Jackson at the 1998 American Film Market where Rock n' Roll Cops Premiered.

Scott Shaw Julie Strain
Julie Says, "Hi."