Dinner & Drinks A Scott Shaw Zen Film

Dinner and Drinks
A Scott Shaw Zen Film
Part Documentary, Part Reality T.V., Part Soap Opera.
This film redefines Avant-garde' Cinema.

Starring: Scott Shaw, Richard Magram, and Danielle James.

In the tradition of My Dinner with Andre, DINNER & DRINKS follows three Hollywood actors as they go out on the town and discuss Life, Love, God, and Show Business.

Is it real or is it staged? Let the viewer decide.

Dinner and Drinks is a docu-film. The footage for this movie was filmed on 30 May 2001. It was produced during the time when we were creating the Zen Film, No Boundaries, which evolved into Undercover X.
We had finished filming a few scenes with Richard Magram, the co-producer, co-writer, and co-star of the film and Danielle James one of the female leads of the movie. Both had previously appeared in
Hollywood P.D. Undercover. It was the early evening and we decided to go out to dinner. I gave the camera, my Sony VX2000, (probably the greatest indie-film camera ever created), to the D.P. for the Los Angeles segments of the film, Anthony Claverie, and we were off.
We had been filming that day at the home of Rich Magram, which was located in the Los Feliz section of Hollywood, California. We decided to eat at the nearby Palermo’s Italian Restaurant on Vermont, which is one of the Hollywood industry mainstays that has been around forever. After dinner we decide to go to this Korean-owned local bar on 3
rd Street—a location that I had periodically frequented ever since the 1970s, called, Escape Room.
While we were eating and drinking the camera rolled, veering between character-driven scenes for the film and straight-up person-to-person conversation. Where the line is drawn between fact and fiction is for the viewer to decide.
Though some of the footage captured that evening became an integral part of Undercover X, much of the human interaction did not find its way to broadcast before I put it together for this Zen Film in 2005.

Unmasking Reality: Deconstructing Scott Shaw's Dinner & Drinks


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